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Greetings from Yokohama!


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Good evening,

I'm a Brit who's been living in Japan for 10+ years. At the moment, I'm in Yokohama - home of Horiyoshi III's tattoo museum, Yellow Blaze and the Victorian-era district where a lot of the J-tattooers relocated after the government banned ink (again) during the 19th century.

It's great to be surrounded by all of this J-tattoo history - and it's hard not to love tattoos after living here for a while.

I've been reading LST for the past few weeks. It's a great place you've got going here and I finally registered today.



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Thanks for making a newcomer here feel so welcome.

What I'm really interested in is the irony that most of the world sees J-tattoos as works of art but here they are still looked down upon.

I've been getting tattooed off-and-on since I was in my mid-teens but in the summer I decided to book in with Tomo at YB for some larger work.

It's been a wait but the first session is coming close - which is one reason I've been reading this forum on tips on surviving longer sessions.

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Yokohama is a trip and a half. Bill Burroughs used to rave about its underground scene in the '50s - plus there's a great Kurosawa movie set in its seemy underbelly. A lot of it has become gentrified in the past few years but there's still enough to keep you in trouble.

@RoryQ - the next time you make it out this way, drop me a line and we'll go out for a drink...

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