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Hi Everyone,

I'm an astronomer in my mid-fifties living in the Washington D.C. area. Thinking of getting my first

tattoo (!) As I posted on the job-related thread, I want something that is related

to my job. I'm thinking of a simplified version of the Apollo 8 logo -

watching Apollo missions as a kid made me take this career path.

It is also reminiscent of a binary star system, which is the type of thing I study.

So, nothing nearly as dramatic as many of the photos that people post here...

I live very close to Tattoo Paradise and was possibly thinking of going there.

But, my girlfriend lives in Baltimore and am alternatively considering going to some

place there. (e.g. she lives short walking distance to Read Street).

But also easy to get to the Tattoo Museum, or Saints and Sinners in B'more as well.

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I've gotten four tattoos at Tattoo Paradise and can highly recommend the shop! Scott M (who doesn't work there anymore but is guesting there sometime now or very soon) and Dave Cavalcante have both worked on me. It's a clean shop and the guys and gals are fun.

Seconding and thirding Lil Dave. Awesome dude, great attitude, solid tattooer.

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Tomek, at Read Street, does some very nice work as well!

Seth Ciferri turned me onto Tomek a couple years ago......def one of those people you don;t hear about much but does great work!

I think Nikki Balls is still at the Wheaton Tattoo Paradise location as well!

Like I said.....you named a lot of great shops......

Hunter Spanks is working at Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore.....saw CultExciter mention the shop....again, another solid shop!

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Looking at portfolios (mainly Read Street and Paradise Tattoo) it looks like Deirdre Aikin may be best suited

for my simple, but geometric, pattern. Anybody here have work done by her?

Tattoo Paradise - Deirdre Aikin

(I also noticed that Deirdre Aikin is a MICA graduate, and I have some connections with people there...)

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I do not know anyone (that I am aware of) that has work from her off the top of my head BUT I do know she is a pretty awesome lady!

Please do not mistake the fact that your tattoo being simplistic as it being simple to tattoo....

A circle is not an easy thing to tattoo nor will the figure-8/orbit!

To make it look it's best you will want a very solid tattoo artist!

You did the right thing though in looking at portfolios and I have heard nothing but good things about Deirdre! :)

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