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Varicose veins

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Anyone have experience with varicose veins / spider veins? I'm considering getting my next tattoo to cover some minor, blue varicose veins right below my knee. I've been told varicose veins can change shape over time and distort the tattoo. Would it matter what style the tattoo is? I'm thinking of getting a flower by Ron Henry Wells.

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If they become the engorged ones that are big enough to change the contour of the skin (think: rivers under the skin) then yeah, a design what would flow with that would be good - nothing with straight lines! I would think flowers would be good, or anything with swirlies or background.

I'm curious about the vessels being so close to the surface but I don't see how that would be different than regular veins. Boy, the skin over the river veins on the back of my hand is soooo thin. My granddaughter tried to wash the "dirt" off the back of my hand ... it was the blue from the veins! So cute :)

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