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Lou Morgue

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Hey what's up?

I'm Lou O'Caiside, tattoo technician with coming up on 20 years experience.

I love and hate things about this career and tattooists in general (it's cool, because I've been managing them for years) so I'll be asking a lot of questions and advice pertaining to this as well as offering what I've learned these long years as well.

I've also been piercing for the same amount of time.

Outside of tattooing I'm a state registered EMT, and work for the County Medical Examiner's office so I have lot's of good stories and medical knowledge that many do not.

I've been a hardcore video game commando since the original NES.

My tattoo/gaming website is criticalhittattoo.com

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Greetings! I am also an emt and video game aficionado.

The pain I experienced playing the original TMNT is what drove me to be an emt and help people. "I'm sorry your husband died mam. I know how you feel, I also died a lot in the sewers in TMNT."

Welcome to the forums!

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