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The Brag Art Lives - Apple/iOS


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Hi folks,

Search the iOS Market Place for 'Brag Art List'

Well finally the first phase of the app on iOS has gone live and can be downloaded. (The remove ads doesnt work still i dont think but is being fixed this week hopefully but the ads are not as bad as on Android so shouldnt be too intrusive)

I would really appreciate if people could 5 star and write a review on it as the best thing since sliced bread lol on the actual app to help it climb in searches.

But I would really like the hard truths, feedback's, criticisms, suggestions etc here please.

Please be brutally honest here!

There is a small icon in the top left corner for searching, Country, City, Town, etc or you can manually use the touch screen.

In device use of apps for the links should be working on Apple.

Artists working at the same location will show as just one marker until pressed and then it will split as it zooms in to more markers for the other artists, so don't forget to check those out

Anyhow, please let me know what you think, even if you think its shit, I want to know and wont be hurt or offended and how it works on your devices as we could only test it on a few handsets as I don't own every phone in the world lol So I hope it works on everyone's devices. I tested it on my phone which is a flag ship phone, so it runs super fast for me but I tested it on some cheaper phones and it was slower due to all the markers but that is to be expected I guess.

It has been made for both mobiles and tablets.

The fonts and home screen is being re-designed as we speak

All and any feedback welcome


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Hello Peter. i've been using this app for about 2 weeks now and it's really great. You did a wonderfull job on this. The only remark i have is that once you clicked on a pin, the map zooms really close in on the whereabouts of the artist. For my taste to close because i find myself tapping on the zoom out button too much.

Maybe for in the future we can search by style and find just the pins of artists who do for example realistic.

Keep up the good work :)

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Hello Peter. i've been using this app for about 2 weeks now and it's really great. You did a wonderfull job on this. The only remark i have is that once you clicked on a pin, the map zooms really close in on the whereabouts of the artist. For my taste to close because i find myself tapping on the zoom out button too much.

Maybe for in the future we can search by style and find just the pins of artists who do for example realistic.

Keep up the good work :)

Thank you mate, its been a lot of work and still lots to do :)

The problem is not the zooming in, its the zooming out.

Let me explain.

You need to zoom right in because there are some locations where artists work at the same location and when you zoom in it splits into the separate markers so you can click on each one.

How it should work is that when you close that marker, it should zoom/pan back out. This not only has been pissing me off for like 6 months but others have said the same.

Totally and utterly agree about the zooming, it annoys the shit out of me but with the current SDKs from both Google and Android it is not possible using their own SDKS, could probably be done if I threw 50k at it and made my own map SDK but thats not going to happen.

I wanted the map to zoom out on artist exit to where you last searched or even to the country if that wasnt possible, which neither were.

I've had so many emails regarding this problem with the developers and Google and Apple. They say the max zoom back out is a 5 and that wouldn't even be back out to a small town and for that they want $4000, so just have to wait for new SDKs to be released.

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