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Time to stop lurking!


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posting at you from northern europe, Finland, to say i really like the site! I've found out about a lot of great artists and got good advice from here in my time lurking. I've been meaning to register for over a year since i found the site but i've put it off for not having any good recent photos of my tattoos, and i thought if i just register maybe i'll finally put the effort into taking some. I got my first tattoo 6 years ago at 18 and ever since i've been steadily adding to it a few pieces a year more or less. I decided very early on im going for full coverage but im saving the hand and neck tattoos for when im 30 if i still feel like it.

Anyway, i managed to dig up some pictures, most are from artists instagrams i think.

In no particular order:


by Hexa, used to own Precious Tattoo, not sure where he works from now.








Oni by Javier Betancourt at Ocho Placas

I think i heard of him from here, theres so many crappy shops in Miami it was a chore to find something worthwhile but man am i glad i found him.


Crow by Gustav Fröberg, also did my lower left arm which i dont have any pics of

upper left arm is JPWikman no better pictures yet sorry

Demon granny is by Hexa again

In the last picture you can see a peek of the rooster on my ribs started by Jonas Nyberg and im gonna get that one finished up at the Helsinki Ink Convention next weekend!

I'll try to get better pictures of all of it or at least the ones i dont have any of and post after i get back from the convention. Hopefully with a rad cock! :D

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Thanks! The Oni came out great and my only regret is that its not in a more visible spot.

Took some photos today but they all came out a bit yellow. Ehh, best i could do.


Top part JP Wikman, bottom Gustav Fröberg




a yellow and badly focused pic of the Oni by Javier Betancourt

its still much the same, the white highlights have faded to look more smooth but thats about it

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Yeah, shes good but its not really my style though. Just a bit too cutesy for me though i bet she could do things i wanted but why ask an artist to change their style when you can go to someone who already does exactly what you want.

The convention was great, had a lot of fun met some cool people and on top of getting my rooster finished i got some filler done on my arm, and i got some prints too! Super fun. I dont have pictures of any of it though and Jonas hasn't put any on his instagram so ill have to wait till they're healed and get someone to take good photos for me.

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Ive talked to taneli several times while at the shop and hes a cool guy, and i fully plan to get something from him at some point

Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome to the site! I've been busy and not posting much at all but i got my gf to take some pictures so heres one of that rooster.


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