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New here, designing new sleeve


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Hi everyone

I am new here, was searching for a tattoo forum and bumped onto this one since I found some people who recommended it

I am 24 years old, male, raised in Tenerife but born and living again in Belgium at the moment

Passion and hobbys are: sports, tattoos, cars and motorbikes

I love tattoo, got only 2 but since my first one never stopped thinking of adding new ones

I got fenryr on my right chest and ended up expanding it into a maori from chest, shoulder to biceps inner and outer since I always wanted to have that style on my body and I love it and hope to make friends in here with fellow tattoo addicts

I am now wanting to do a full sleeve, on my left arm.

Thing is I love mythology but also other stuff aswell

First I was thinking of full egyptian style sleeve with anubis and, eye of horus and stuff now I am doubting between anubis with the eye of horus and the ankh in his hands in my upper part with my inner biceps a sarcofagus where the pharaoh his resting place is when he dies with the face half skull half how it normally looks or just a mummy or osiris with some pyramids around nicely blended in then in my inner lower arm a sugar skull with a compass seeing that will be filled with that I think I still got my outer lower arm which has to be filled but still looking symbols that represent me (everything I add has a meaning to me or is a way of showing my strong points like the compass cause I am very good at orientating myself when I am lost) also thinking of adding the text, strength within, pride throughout since it is my motivation quote that I use everywhere, I'm also a sportsrat (gym, mma, etc) so that text always follows me

What do you guys think so far? would it fit or would it be too much since it's egyptian and then some random stuff that doesn't fit in?

Glad to be here ^^

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welcome! it does seem like a to fit onto one arm. you got your entire body to work with! as @seasea mentioned, a good artist will be able to help you gather the thoughts and let you know what will work and what won't. getting tattooed is a long journey... no need to rush thru it and get all your thoughts down at once. there's plenty of time and plenty of space. enjoy it!

now how 'bout some pics!?

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