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Tattoo Advice?

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Hey everyone! Was just hoping for some advice...

So my first tattoo was a very colourful bold outline owl on my inner left leg above my ankle (attached below for reference) and I'm thinking about getting a new tatt on my hip.

I'm hoping to get some calla lilies stretching up the front on right leg and curving around my hip, maybe with a butterfly (very girly, I know) but I think it would look really nice.

My main dilemma is that I want to get it done to look realistic, already have an artist lined up, but would it clash with my strong colour bold outline owl?

I was thinking something like the pic below - or should I go for something more bold?

My Tatt.jpg


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They would be on two very different parts of your body so clashing isn't really an issue.  When I see tattoos on real people I often see a lot of different styles of tattoo sitting together.  I think it looks cool, personally.


I'd also suggest going bolder because I prefer bold tattoos and they are going to last a lot longer and age a lot better than delicate tattoos, but that has nothing to do with clashing styles.


Get the tattoos that make you excited about tattoos.

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Thanks Graeme :15_yum:

I'm still thinking about getting the same tattoo done, I'm just tossing up between two artists due to their style specialty.

Do you have any tattoo's in high movement areas? If so, how have they held up?

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Depends on what you mean by high movement areas.  Here's my elbow, done about three and a half years ago which isn't long enough to tell you much but it's still completely solid.  On that arm the parts around my elbow and ditch are simple compared to the rest of the tattoo which is pretty intricate so it should age well.


I don't think hip should be too bad as far as movement goes.

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