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Hello I am Kevin.

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Hi guys I guess I have to do an initiation. I love geometric work and American traditional. I am currently working on my arm right now. I wanted some advice on what I want to fill in to complete my sleeve 

I was thinking a snake but I was told it would be too crowded. I think the snake could be all black to go with the almost all black theme I have going on. Or maybe like leaves or a chain or barbed wire. I also wanted to do maybe stars and dots for the spaces invetween  also wanted something small in that empty space by my forearm. Any ideas? 





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Hiya, Kevin  and welcome!

Agreed that narrow space is too narrow for a snake. Dots and stars always fit in with traditional work, too. Alternatively, there are endless fun, tiny tattoo ideas for at least some areas. Bugs, webbing or just crazy shit. Check of Jeff Rassier. He does lots of weird fillers.

That ditch space is large enough for a small piece of it's own for sure. Maybe a flying eyeball?


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