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Tattoo Removal Hep!

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I started my tattoo removal process well over a year ago. I have had 4 treatments with Q-Switch, and 3 with Picosure. I am so discouraged, I thought this would take no more than 7-10 sessions and I am far away. When I was doing Q-Switch I went every 6-8 weeks, then I switched to a different location to try Picosure they suggested every 12 weeks. I have literally seen no progress the last 2 visits. My tattoo is @18 years old, and was still very black, it seems now to be going green. Any advise?? Is this normal?? I am attaching random pictures of process- oldest to most recent. 0E45E25A-287B-446C-B3DA-91893CF82533.thumb.jpeg.d966612fa50a85bdada9b57c59a2dcd3.jpeg









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18 years old and going green...was India ink used by any chance? Knowing the composition of the ink might help the technicians.

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