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Erik Gillespie Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, if this is true Erik is one grand person. I haven't met anyone who is friends with him that I didn't like. He is surrounded by great people and I don't think that is an accident.

I met him and Nick Colella at the same time in Salt Lake City where we have pretty much been friends since. This man is a great person and an even better tattooer. He loves tattooing like no one else! His level of respect for the art is unparalleled.His style and approach is very professional and proper. if you have the chance to get tattooed by this man don't pass it up.

This interview was done while we were sharing rooms at the Long Beach convention, Ink and Iron. The nervousness of Erik in this is amazing, you can definitely tell he is not comfortable in front of a video camera. While sharing a room with him, we would just stay up all night talking like school girls. I wish there were more times like this in my life, we all could use it i think.

Thank you to Erik for sitting through this and thank you for watching this.

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Great interview, funny hadn't been to a convention in six months or so and spent the weekend at one in town and couldn't believe the amount of people with face tattoos, a lot of these people did the same convention six months ago and didn't have face tattoos. It is the new thing I guess.

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Erik is str8-up Chicago, and as real as it gets. Anyone that puts as much heart into tattooing as Erik does is bound to be succesful, but he takes it beyond that into that tattoo-zone that so few ever reach! It's a hella hard choice on who to get work by if you're coming into town to get work at CTC...you best to schedule a few days, at least....

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just a side-note on your discussion about sleeving out your neck/head and hands, and not even having any full coverage on your arms. It kindof reminds me of the chicken hawk (you know a mohawk that is only on the top of your head) which I used to see way more often than I would like to. I always just figured those people didn't see a profile picture of the person with a real punk rock mohawk, so they didn't understand. They figured it was just on top.... So, I figure, maybe these dudes sleeving out their faces saw a picture of the Great Omi in a sweater or something. They didn't understand that there are tattoos everywhere else.....

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oh......and like i guess everybody knows this but FW Acrylic is really good. Layers up for the flatest tones, washes out nice and i've had two pictures up on the wall where i live for well over 4 years, both in direct light for some of the day and both looking like they did when i did them

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One of my favourites! Erik embodies the phrase 'Tattooer' , he seriously puts the work in! And I have so much respect for him. Great interview LST, Thankyou!

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