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    Hi :)

    Hi, I'm Torsie. A 30 something Mum from Surrey, UK. Just got my 4th tattoo, which was my first for over 10 years. A new shop has opened very close to my home, run by a local guy with a great reputation. So I sort of feel like it may be the start of a more tattooed me as my husband and I had a great experience there last week 🙂 Joining though as I'm going through a bit of scabbing which I don;t remember from my previous tattoos. So I found the site while googling that. Hopefully can get some advice here and then some future tattoo inspiration too. 😄
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    el twe

    Advice on existing tattoo

    Forgot about this thread. What a gem...
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    You did get some of the best advice possible, go earn an apprenticeship and do it the right way.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this little bowl of ramen tattooed while I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. Picture taken immediately after session so it’s a little reddish but it has healed really nicely.