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  1. day two of healing my right kneecap, left was a breeze! but I'm dying on this one. threw my back out limping afterwards. I am a right mess at work right now...ha.
  2. I cannot stand when people ask me why. about every single tattoo I have. No there is no sob story behind the rose on my knee, roses just look cool on the knee. It is really the only question I just cant answer anymore. It bugs me. I do try and explain that not everyone needs this contrived emotional meaning to get a tattoo, that getting the tattoo is the meaningful part. Getting a tattoo is the experience I wanted to capture. A good tattoo should be able to stand alone. But of course if you don't have a love for tattoos and the process then you will never understand that. Also
  3. oh yipee. well ... next I may go for a wild boar head on the knee. and perhaps a giant stag beetle on my chest. my back I am still back and forth between a giant bear fighting a snake or a hindu decorated cow. ........ i like animals.
  4. yea man, if you want the nice detailed thin line artwork you've been posting, go for it, and dont worry if every line will be perfect? itll look cool if its what you and the artist want. have faith in thee artiste.
  5. so, try this. take a really thin pen or pencil and draw a perfectly straight line on a piece of paper free handed. then, take a nice thick sharpie (marker) and do the same thing. im not saying tattoo artists cant tattoo a straight line with a single needle, im just saying its harder and and harder to hide. especially when were talking about wrapping it, making it work with your body and skin/movement. same thing for the longevity as the words though, the slightly thicker line will last longer, the thinner one might fade and blur out in spots destroying the look of the line, because
  6. youd be suprised how quickly small lettering becomes small unreadable scribbles. i speak from experience.
  7. i feel the same way, but I realized I have to just be upfront about it now, because worrying if i took out enough cash at the atm beforehand is just unnecessary stress before a tattoo appointment, fucking with my head game. I also only get tattooed by artists who are open to talking about every aspect of the tattoo process, including money. I ask them what range to expect for a first session, so I can bring the right amount of cash, (and then some) and they don't seem to mind. I wouldn't ever bug them about giving me a specific price for a session or a piece beforehand though. I have a
  8. hey! I have been a couch surfer for years now and have used it to travel extensively when I was an airline employee, and used to host many events. Hopefully I can do some more traveling, and not that all my travels will be tattoo related, this is a great idea. im in school now so Im pretty stationary but I will be on the move again soon!
  9. realism while still using enough black = <3
  10. I actually simplified my wardrobe completely after starting to get more coverage. Mostly black, and all basics. Letting my tattoos shine haha. Also started dressing more comfortable as I am healing most of the time anyway. It is interesting how this happens. I am always on the lookout for soft flowy pants and long sleeve anythings now that its getting warmer.
  11. working in the sign business I just always want nice bold readable words everywhere. EVERYWHERE. pictures too of course. but keep those words bold.
  12. My next inner bicep appointment in a few weeks I am giving it a go. Im heading right out to a camping trip, and this seems like the best way to go. It may be a bit uncomfortable hitting my armpit but we shall see.
  13. Inner bicep almost hitting my armpit on day 2. I am a walking teapot. Or I just look pissed off with my hand at my waist all day. Swollen is an understatement.
  14. I love tattoos. I love all styles. I'm almost finished with a full color "new school-ish" sleeve, and then moving on to a full traditional black and gray back piece, as well as many other traditional bold pieces. I may even go Japanese on my thigh/leg. You can have love for it all, if you do enough research. I don't think I will keep on with too much newer solid color stuff, after learning more about longevity and realizing how much I too love the bold imagery. But I dig my sleeve and its definitely a huge part of my personality. I needed that damn sleeve. my childhood self needed
  15. This thread so far is quite an interesting read, it is, as already been said, very refreshing to see such respect for the artistic imagery that religions throughout time have brought us. I used to feel, that even though I lean towards Buddhist teachings, if I were to get any of the imagery tattooed on me, I would want to do it right, to travel to places of strong Buddhist faith, visit some monks, and really have the experience to go along with the tattoo. I see now that I don't have to do so, but I have had apprehensions of cheapening someones devout faiths and whatnot. Basically, nobody
  16. yea. I'm a mess. I wish I was cool enough to have planned everything out. I'll be a pretty interesting mash up after I get to whatever level of coverage I wish to stop at? (never) I always dig others' esthetics though, and respect it thoroughly.
  17. Love the looks I get wearing sweatpants at work while healing leg tattoos. not my fault my leg doesn't fit into my jeans at the moment ...
  18. All great advice here. good luck with treatments, it's a journey for sure. I am recommended for surgery on my lower back at the moment that I have been trying to put off. I am only 24, and have had degenerative discs since I was 18 and rampant sciatica. I have definitely tried it all, and out of the spinal injections, shots, pain killers (that I do not take often, just have a nice collection going from throughout the years)... the only thing that has worked was strength training, and core exercises. But you just have to be extra cautious about it. It is quite annoying when back pain
  19. Snuck in with Myles Karr while he was guesting at the Torchbearer this past weekend. photo courtesy of his Instagram.
  20. I am in the middle of a solid color full sleeve on my right arm, and am about halfway done. I dont think it's particularly feminine or masculine, as it has a space girl pin up, and is sci fi themed, but you can judge that after I post some pictures. The masculine thing never crossed my mind, but as a rule, badassness>bodyimage. (I dont have the highest self esteem about my arms, or any part of my body but I do believe that covering any parts with tattoos always makes them better ;) ) Ill post a pic in a bit for reference, i had a session yesterday and I cant move the arm much at t
  21. Hey, the names Jessica, posting from the lovely state of Rhode Island. I have some tattoos, I want more tattoos, and I love looking at and talking about them as well. stoked on the community here, quality artists, and quality people. thanks for having me.
  22. I have been lurking this place for a bit, and finally registered to post in this thread. My boyfriend of 4 years has no tattoos, and absolutely no interest in getting any. I am currently working on a full sleeve and have a few other tattoos, and have a goal of pretty heavy coverage. He likes my tattoos, and appreciates good ones, and has no issues whatsoever with me going so far as to having a full suit. This isn't really much of a problem, since we are already somewhat opposites in a lot of ways. He is an accountant, i'm a designer and am taking classes for animation. I am the darin
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