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  1. I think in Hardy's "Wear Your Dreams" he mentions the design becoming a popular WW2(?) design, A little fuzzy but I remember being surprised of how old the design is.
  2. A while ago I was digging through Craig Brown's (of Historic Tattoo, Portland) instagram as I want to get something done with him hopefully soon, and stumbled upon this: https://instagram.com/p/SlJ1ZtBs7R/?taken-by=craigbrowntattoo The colors are massive and gorgeous. Another jaw-dropper, also from Historic, is this big ass wolf from Tyson Arndt: https://instagram.com/p/6k4hPTR5Bc/?taken-by=tysonarndt
  3. Nick W

    Book thread

    Still working on Infinite Jest, was not ready for this! Did recently pick up Ed Hardy's Wear Your Dreams at the library. I enjoyed it and was a quick enough read. The change of pace needed for fucking IJ.
  4. Kind of a related bump, but Matt is going to the Pacific Northwest? I think it's Boise...though does anyone know for sure where? I would love to get work done by him.
  5. To me, water is a crucial part of it. I'm being patient with the ROA I would want, though I've always had the idea of the water/weather/elements being a huge role. On a side note, I was recently at a tattoo ship talking about ROA references, and the gentleman said he'd check the basement to see if the Ed Hardy ROA book was there. I was sooooooo excited and turned out it was at his house. :\
  6. There's a lot of places in Portland that I wouldn't mind getting tattooed a lot. Hopefully at Atlas soon.
  7. Nick W

    Book thread

    Just started reading Infinite Jest. Whoaaaaa this will be a trip.
  8. Nick Schreck @ Blue Line, La Crosse, WI. The best of dudes.
  9. Hey, my recommendation would be taking the Great River Road (Highway 35) along the Mississippi to La Crosse, WI (About 3 hours or so from the cities) and go to Blue Line Tattoo. I've gotten most of my left sleeve done from Nick Schreck at Blue Line, and have nothing but great things to say about him and the shop. Facebook page here and his IG is @NickBlueLine. Also, the drive is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to make it a 5 hour trip, going to Tailor Made Tattoos in Madison would be cool. @jonbass1 is someone I wish I got stuff done by.
  10. A turtle in space with a lighthouse on its shell.
  11. Two ideas that I'm pretty set on is a Dan Higgs's Druid on my wrist, and this Amund Dietzel work as a possible chest piece: Eventually I'd like to get the brokeback skull girl (think that's what it's known as). And my deep ambition is to get a full traditional japanese leg sleeve that will go up into a backpiece. I may need a few piggy banks started for that one.
  12. Seth Ciferri's shop, Lombard Street Tattoo in (St. Johns) Portland, OR, is just down the street from Tienda Santa Cruz. Kick ASS mexican food, tucked in the back of a market store. And then just Portland in general is home of a lot of great food/drink options.
  13. Nick W


    What a proud man! The whole Shige instagram thing is awkward. It honestly seems like a language barrier made it much more volatile. And I'm also unfamiliar with Shige and Horiyoshi family relations, so who knows?
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