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  1. sorry, i'm not too keen on posting photos of my tattoos really. but i got a word in script on my arm and some filigree around my collar/on my collar bone. they look awesome. ask me in person and i'll show you!
  2. i guess we know the next fashion trend for hats and sunglasses...and beards still.
  3. you might want to contact his granddaughter (if you haven't already). i understand she is in posession of his tattoo stuff, and i know she was trying to re-launch the supply business and was selling flash and catalogs recently. i don't remember her name, but here's a link to her myspace page. http://
  4. i got a dagger form scott in '99. but, you can't go wrong with ROA if you're staying in texas.
  5. i'll be working it with dan smith. nick colella will be there in the blackheart booth!! i'm going to have popular designs to choose from for walk-ups. no appointments.
  6. two weeks ago i drove to detroit to get an anchor from juan puente, last week i was in l.a. and got a bird from dan smith, this week i'm getting lettering from katie sellergren. i tend to get 'em in spurts! and i definately don't like to sit for more than an hour haha.
  7. deb, that really blows. it's amazing. even way up there in alaska, this is happening. waaaaaay too many tattoo shops.
  8. it's the wearer's tattoo. if they're unhappy with the tattooer who started it, they have every right to have someone else finish it. if it happened to me, i'd probably be bummed for a minute and wonder why they didn't want me to finish it, but you move on. you can't be attached to every one you do.
  9. hahaha...thats hilarious about the singing. the place we found is free of any mystical talk, which i'm very happy about. there are a couple of yoga snobs in the class, but whatever. if you're gonna get self-righteous about yoga i guess you're kind of missing the point ???
  10. so...i finally tried it. my girlfriend and i have been going to bykram yoga, which is a type of hot yoga. man, it kicked my ass, but in a good way. it's 105 degrees, 40% humidity. the first time i got light headed twice, but i'm adjusting. during the class i kinda hate it and want to run for the door and the relief of the cool locker room! but afterwards, i feel amazing and i know it's worth it. i've also been working out with a personal trainer the last 4 months, and i know that's helping me, since a lot of the postures are all quad/leg strength and upper body strength. i was a bit nervous about not "fitting in" at first...kinda felt like the first day of high school haha. but once we got there, it was no big deal, and i know i can beat up any other dude in that class, and i'm not that tough. but, most of the other people have tattoos and there's even a baldheaded tattooed chick, so it's ok.
  11. the third one. four roses is too much, everything looks better in three's. the second one has an unnatural kind of rythm.
  12. yeah i've seen that. i guess his brother runs it for him to sell artwork. awesome images on there.
  13. jon is one of my best friends! awesome!
  14. there's a documentary called TATTOO THE WORLD on ed hardy. it came out in 2009/2010. it's been shown at some festivals and in LA and SF. it's not on dvd, but i was tipped with a director's copy. it's pretty awesome.
  15. man...when did hardcore become the rolling stones?
  16. super cool! thanks for sharing! clips from that sparrow/hardy one are used in that hardy documentary that was done recently.
  17. i did a walk in friday of a girl head with a wolf head hat. the chick printed it off the internet.
  18. i'll be tattooing at high voltage in hollywood friday and saturday march 4,5.
  19. any chance you have that zeke owens movie??? i used to have it on vhs, but would love to get a dvd of it.
  20. a couple of years ago, we (chicago tattoo co.) ran an ad during miami ink on the local channel.
  21. i was lucky enough to see gary's studio when i was in austin. so awesome.