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  1. I'll be working the show with Frank William.
  2. funny...i get back on here and i see this and the post speculating about our departure from ctc! ha! one kind of answers the other...it's more a forum for civilians (no offense). i'd like to chime in here and there, but honestly, i'd be more interested in a forum for tattooers only, as i chat with "civilians" all day! but i want to try to make an effort again to be on here more because i do think it's a positive!
  3. i've seen a good amount of guy aitchison stuff around here, from his many years in chicago. it looks like shit. a blurry mess.
  4. I'll be there with my buddy Frank "massive volcano" William.
  5. i'll be tattooing at rock of ages in austin, tx. december 4-5-6. email [email protected] for appointments (do not message on here please). thank you!
  6. i thought it was said a long time ago there would be a "tattooer only" section of this forum? that would be the best thing to happen on this forum, i think. i barely look at it because it's mostly non-tattooers pontificating on something they know little or nothing about or talking about bullshit that has nothing to do with tattooing, or idiots like bubblebooty. i don't mean to come off as a dick or some kind of elitist, but i think the tattooers on here may understand what i mean.
  7. oh, and people have said for decades how h next generation will shun tattoos cuz their parents have them. bullshit. humans tattoo themselves, it's in us. and it's not a matter of "coolness", or rebelling against your parents (at least not forever). we all go through a "i hate my parents" phase, but the smart ones always wise up and realize our parents were right and are the best people ever. our shop is 40 years old, we tattoo kids who's parents got tattooed here back in the 70's and 80's and it's always an honor.
  8. why? why are soccer moms not "cool" enough to get tattooed? tattoos are for everyone, and should be accessible to any adult wanting one. i hate this sort of elitism in tattooers. my "normal" clients, half the time, are way cooler/better people than "tattoo dudes". tattooing is not something that only "hip" people are entitled to, it belongs to all humanity, always has. it burns me up when tattooers talk like this.
  9. J. crew. the "ludlow" suit. slim and classic, awesome construction. buy it, get it tailored to your fit (always tailor a new suit) and enjoy! i have it in light italian wool, charcoal grey.
  10. you're not fit to wipe ed hardy's ass.
  11. i stopped caring about shit like this, or i'd be angry 24/7/365. either way i'm tattooing and will continue to tattoo, i don't give a shit what's going on where...
  12. chris conn and freddy corbin are the only two people i can think of who actually pull off the facetat.
  13. i don't tattoo faces, and we don't hire anyone with face tattoos (not that we hire at all). i used to only do necks and hands on heavily tattooed people or tattooers, but it's so common now, i just do 'em.
  14. i wouldn't sell it, but for showing-off's sake...i have an original rollo sheet from 1986 that i bought from him about ten years ago, and an acetate he cut, which was a gift from josh arment. i took it for granted that we lived in the same city, and never got tattooed by him, wish i'd done it.
  15. you can draw or paint whatever you want. what offended me in the other post was that some non-tattooer recent college grad had painted a horrible flash style painting and wanted to SELL it to make some extra money. you went to college, get a fucking regular job and leave our thing alone. i'm sick of seeing this over and over. the worst is fucking mitch o'connel and his parasite flash sets and books of untattooable kitsch. that motherfucker isn't even tattooed. just fucking leave us alone!
  16. i see where you're coming from, but your argument (or observation) kind of assumes that 99% of the population has an "easy" life while, those with hardship (divorce, death, etc.) got involved with tattoos. i think that's a horrible assumption. life is hard, period. for EVERYONE. most people deal with addiction, disease, death, divorce, violence, poverty, etc., etc., etc. that's just life. life is hard in general, no matter who you are or where you come from. i know lots of people who had amazing childhoods and steady households and became heavily tattooed. a lot of times, it has to do with 100% confidence/satisfaction in yourself and who you are. i know i've always been a very visual person, since i can remember, and pictures and icons have always just attracted me. there's no "us" vs. "them" in this, we're all human, so we all have shit to deal with. which goes into the other part of your post...tattooing is universal in human history. we might not have a super recent or super direct tattoo rite, but we all have it, just being human and having all evolved and spread all over this earth from the same original group of homosapiens. it's why tattoo imagery is popular on clothing or anything else, the icons are universal human emotion. one of the things i love about tattoos is that life is all there...love hate death beauty violence. it's really not that mysterious homie!
  17. fake tattoo flash by parasites...you went to college, get a job, leave us alone.
  18. nevermind..........................................................................
  19. dead milkmen was my first concert in 1989! just saw descendants last week in toronto, not as good as when i saw them in 95, but still pretty fucking good for some old dudes!
  20. FUCK THAT. that being said, i do think people should be presentable, clean and wearing clean clothes, decent shoes, etc. i heard a saying from rollo..."if you're gonna ask somebody for $100, you better look like $100". but as for official uniforms, FUCK THAT.
  21. most americana designs have either a military origin, popular culture (comics, actresses, toys, etc.) origin, or come from victorian scrapbook designs.and of course, some where just kind of invented, from the sources mentioned above. i know this doesn't answer your question, but it's a place to start.
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