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  1. @ironchef and @Cork those are going to be some awesome backpieces! @ironchef looks like the worst of the butt is over for you... i did NOT enjoy getting my ass tattooed, it was very SPICEY! So glad I'm not sticking to the sheets anymore...
  2. Thanks. There are cover ups on my shoulder blades in the body of the brown snake. The tattoos were almost 25 years old, so the had a little wear and tear on them and were able to be hidden nicely.
  3. Posted this over in the May tattoo of the month contest. Just finished a couple weeks ago. I don't have any real crisp pictures of it. I'm stoked to have it finished. Work by Rodney Raines, Ace Custom Tattoo, Charlotte, NC.
  4. I'm finally able to post my contest entry. Just finished up my back piece by Rodney Raines, Ace Custom Tattoo, Charlotte, NC. Sorry for the blurry pic, it's all I have. ETA: found a few more in progress shots on Instagram
  5. By Rodney Raines Charlotte NC Working in the lower half now, going down to my knee....
  6. The VBS series on tattooing has really made me proud. It's almost like the first time I read Tattoo Time. It reminds me of why I fell in love with the tattoo culture and art. It does not make me want to vomit like the other pop culture tattoo offerings for the masses. I'm really stoked on these videos.
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