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  1. I like to walk around a giant boulder three time. Upon reaching my third rotation, I point a six shooter pistol in the air and fire twice; in one second increments. After the second shot is fired. I hop on one leg backwards, around the boulder Three times. Guaranteeing a 100% successful heal. Hope this helps ;)
  2. oh wow sorry I never got a hit so I just stopped checking. It's printed on watercolor paper. That is just the acetate package they all come in
  3. Trying to help a friend raise money to help cover funeral costs to bury her husband and baby as funeral costs are super high and she has been a stay at home mom. These are giclee prints 11x15 on archival watercolor paper. They also come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. I'm selling them for $45 dollars shipped, if you live in Utah swing by the shop and pick one up, no paypal on this one money order only. Pm me for more details and with info. Sorry for the shitty resolution in the picture these things are bright as hell! Thanks in advance, Kollin
  4. you need to go talk to a few shops, see what is going on around there. Nothing gets the juices flowing more than the shop experience that can not be obtained on line. Do you know who is doing your tattoo yet? Have you researched any of that stuff? Figure out who you want to do it, go portfolio shopping and set up a consultation with that artist. Give them some direction and let them have at it. Just don't get too married to any ideas in your head because it's hard to create with a short tight leash
  5. I learned early in my career that what people see is what they make out to be a good tattoo. Most people don't have a fucking clue let alone like to be told that they are wrong. if I get into a heated debate then yes I'll rip their shit apart. But other than that I get the "you have tattoos ? Check mine out!" To which I nod my head and say sweet bra hahaha. A lot of me ending that was letting go of what I was taught because what I thought I knew when I was younger was bullshit and what I know now will probably be bullshit ten years from now. And its ok to have wonky penis fetishes as long as you don't suck toes, cause that's just gross.
  6. Holy shit I spit out my coffee. Well played sir. Well played... We already know this girl is on some daddy issue shit but I think guessing the tattoo is funner. Who's stepping up?
  7. I think that tattoo said " Beware all ye who enter. Past this point be monster"
  8. who needs a laser when sand paper is sooo much cheaper. And quicker
  9. Duuuude. That looks like shit. I can cover that with a panther when you're ready. You got scammed hahaha
  10. hahaha Tony Adams is what he said. He's heading to Vegas today 312 504 1609 mid forties grey mullet bean shaped face, chicago accent, from chicago. 6'/2" faded ran down black reaper tattoo on left top forearm looks mid 80's describable tattoo on right arm except banner and wording. chunky gut slender chest - - - Updated - - - Normaly I wouldn't blast a dude like that but fuck him... HAHAHA buttfuck him!
  11. thanks guys! I checked those machines they're flimsy feeling. It's one of those things that the machines looked like a rogers but small one off differences? And the engravings looked a lot newer than the machines themselves. Plus he knew a shit ton of old timers and only had two tattoos total? Give me a break. I'll check that thread on facebook too thanks abees
  12. Got a quick question about this guy. He came into my shop looking to sell me some "original" Paul Rogers machines. He said he had a bunch of flash too and was wondering if anyone had ever had any experience with this guy. I dicked with a couple machines and they seemed a little too flimsy to be a rogers but I've never really seen any of his 1984 engraved machines. Any who. Buyer beware? Or legit?
  13. fuck with funding being cut everywhere they're trying to find the smallest reasons. Like pt test. If you fuck up just a little bit they give you the boot. The shitty thing is that the next republican we get they're going to get more funding for military. This is the roller coaster I dealt with. I joined in 2000 and sign on bonus was shit. like 5 grand two years later the sign on bonus was almost 30,0000 full g.i. bill and benefits I've never heard of. Don't worry my friend. There will be another war soon and money will come flowing in like days of old. That's at least one constant hahaha sad isn't it?
  14. But at the time you were in awe of your gramps and wanted tattoos right?
  15. Well shit. 250 bucks for a white stag? Reasonable. It's mythical and beautiful
  16. Hard to tattoo but if you put the balls on the elbow, it would totally be stretchy and have the same texture.
  17. that's because most people that get mocco are very into tribal things like stretching suspension and shit that you earn. Now it's a moprim thing that kat von std started with t.v. I don't do faces. It's too personal. most of the kids that want their faces done are wanting that approval stamp but don't understand life changes at 25 and mistakes are well known on the personal level. Especially when they want a career one day. Markus Kuhn has some sick face tattoos though. It feels right lol.
  18. so i guess what I'm rambling about is to most eople tattooing started in the 30's 40's and 50's hahahaha. Big loop sorry. This one time at band camp
  19. I think most people refer down to the later 19th and earlier 20th century in western culture because it all of a sudden got popular and public after being banned for soo long. Nobody would talk about it except for die hard bad asses who got together to do badassery. Not many people do research after they have been told something their whole life. People are very dogmatic in the sense that rough tough guys get tattooed not women (1800-1900) Now it's the 2000's and the doors have been blown open and most books are on sailor jerry, not a whole lot of MY clients anyways know about bert grimm among others waaaaaay before him "Percy Waters". people want to be educated they don't want to educate themselves. The easy way is too good for some folks, I have a minor in anthropology and did a ton of research on ancient civ images and what they meant to other cultures and castes. In Borneo right now the kids in the city will not get tattooed. they view it as being a hillbilly living in a hut on a river. Twenty years ago your gods wouldn't have seen you if you didn't have a symbol, nor would you find a good marriage. Shit is changing but there are two examples, east and west of young people not wanting to know where they come from. Your article was awesome and i wish more people were doing this kind of historical study even just for shits and giggles. But I think I got off track. Slow day finished a paint early lol. Cheers!
  20. I think it's mostly the troll cave they hang out at and talk about it that does the custom bug a dis-service. I will admit I used to hate flash something fierce, I credit it to working street shops and blowing through sheet after sheet of cherry creek and tattoo johny stuff. I love the shit now and good flash teaches you the right recipes to become a better "custom" tattooer. I see the same thing every day. " My homeboy does shit freehand." "Do you freehand or stencil?" "FREEHAAAANNNDDD!!" I think a certain demographic is more inclined to go to a house, get tattooed "freehand" and now it's the shit. Not understanding that working shit out on paper will keep their awesome rib piece looking like shit. There are maybe a handful of dudes that understand tattooing enough to go to town with a sharpie imhp. And I sir am not one of them. I like the article and I like art being brought into tattooing more. It gives me a chance to not tattoo bugs bunny spacejamming. But fuck I miss bugs bunny, taz and marvin. Nike signs just do it's and kanji. Bread and butter
  21. I will probably never get my knuckles done but i have always wanted american on top and tattooer on the bottom row. the dude doing my tattoos right now has pals on his with a couple other dudes. Makes me laugh everytime
  22. watch something you've watched a million times over. i sleep to simpsons episodes every night. If you've seen it you won't miss anything and you'll sleep like a rock. Plus I meditate on my all shit every night, so I've trained my brain to shut off while I"m trying to sleep cause I've already come up with and solved problems before sleeping
  23. it's actually called the bloat. You will most likely get bloated and sick before drunk