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  1. Just happened to catch up on this thread, and Googled to see what had happened. 'Ink Master' Winner Died of Heroin Overdose | TMZ.com :(
  2. Since someone brought up "Bad Ink" (the show with the two guys in Vegas), this could be interesting: I watch the show occasionally, if nothing else, to laugh at some bad tattoos (the "before" ones, although the "after" often don't look much better). One thing that was odd to me was how a coverup seemed to always be done in one session. I've had some coverup work, and some of it required more than one to see how things looked with the overlap once it healed, etc (not to mention one episode where they made it look like a guy got a whole backpiece in one sitting!). Regardless, this may shed some light on that: Art Lynch's SAG ACTOR Online: Casting for A&E's "Bad Ink"
  3. Finally got around to updating my gallery with the work that got added to the Sleeve of Science in January: Sleeve of Science It's almost done. We need some minor colour touchups/additions (more orange around the microscope so that the transition there looks better), and he needs to figure out what he wants to do right at the wrist where he left some space.
  4. Heh...I was you last year, went for the first time then. I'll be going this morning (Saturday), most likely. If it's not in the wash (don't believe I wore it this week), I'll wear my LST shirt.
  5. Non-drowsy antihistamines are OTC here, as is acetaminophen with codeine (T1 doses, not T3s). Both those things are prescription only in the US.
  6. In addition to occasionally bringing in donuts for the shop, I sometimes bring gifts (like stuff that is OTC in Canada but prescription in the US). Also, I get the friends and family discount (never asked for it, but it was always given to me), so I always tip the equivalent of one extra hour.
  7. Teenager left with Marilyn Monroe design 'like a blow up sex doll' after £50 session | Mail Online Reader's Digest version: Dumb teen goes to guy for cheap tattoo. Surprisingly, guy who agrees to tattoo teenager for cheap sucks. Teen and her mom decide to expose guy after he reneged on refunding her money for monstrosity he created. Is this kind of publicity good or bad? I'm torn. On the one hand, it helps to educate people about scratchers. On the other hand, many people will assume that all tattoo artists are like this douchebag.
  8. Too bad it's pronounced "Poo-ket" ;-)
  9. If I'm not sure what we're doing, or if I'm going in for a new piece, I let the artist do it. If I know exactly where we're going in advance, I'll shave myself if possible. That way, I can make sure I get the pores nice and open first, etc...
  10. I have coarse, curly hair (North African here), and get horrible ingrowns. I switched my aftercare from using Aquaphor for almost the first week to only two days (I figured out it clogs the pores a little), and also switched my lotion from Lubriderm to Cetaphil, as it's supposed to be better for that. Once stuff is healed enough not to require moisturizing, TendSkin is the best stuff I've ever used for ingrowns/razor bumps.
  11. My EDC is a CRKT Ayan (don't believe they make that anymore). I also usually have an SOG Field Pup in my bag (man, that is a sweet little knife). For something "nicer" on my belt, I'll take a well-polished Buck 110. For anything camping-like/more rugged, it's the Ka-Bar USMC.
  12. Time to get my ass back in shape. Moved to a different part of town, and just paid the next year's gym membership at my friend's proper Thai style Muay Thai gym (unlike many of the alleged muay thai places in town). Going to really suck for quite a while, but will feel great when back in shape.
  13. You keep on believing that. Keywords: "at this time".
  14. Yeah, I've seen some nice stuff out of Sacred Heart... The Dutchman is one of the biggest names out here, as was Dave Shore who, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year. Like most places nowadays, there are way too many shops to keep track of. What style are you interested in?
  15. Don't worry, that's also where they were getting most of their customers!
  16. Oh no, don't tell me this saga is coming to an end? Established, Operating 1200 sq. ft. Tattoo Shop For Sale! (in case the ad is no longer there, the content): (somehow, I doubt it). Also, not sure where he's getting his prices, but he's apparently buying the most expensive nitrile gloves in the world, considering they cost me $10-$15 a box at full retail when I buy them for mechanical work!
  17. What's worse is that, after I posted that, I realized that they were in town last night and I already had plans.
  18. Realism != pessimism. I'm not saying the current situation is right, just that it is. You have no idea what my attitude is. Just because you think people shouldn't be getting judged by their appearance, doesn't mean they aren't. I am of North African/Middle Eastern decent. Should I explain to border guards (not as much an issue now, thanks to Nexus card) and airport security that they shouldn't let that make them give me extra scrutiny because I'm an atheist who was born in this country, thus taking me out of the potential terrorist category? No, I realize that there is a stigma associated with looking like me, and I show up extra early if I ever have to deal with security (maybe I should cross with tattoos more visible. Sleeve depicting science themes should help them rule me out!) Is it right? You decide. But it definitely is.
  19. And I want to live in this great utopia, with world peace, where the lion lay with the lamb, and we all get magical blowjobs from the heavens, but it doesn't mean it's going to happen any time soon. Actually, everyone has the right to tell you that, but you also have the right to tell them to stuff it. You makes your choices, and you lives with the consequences.
  20. My shortest sessions so far have been around 4 hours. The longest (mostly when we did the shading on the squidpants) were over 7.5 For the squidpants, we did 71 hours in 13 sessions, which gives an average of just under 5.5 hours. Lately, most of the sessions have been 4-5 hours, just because I only have time to go on weekends, due to work, so have to do shorter sessions.
  21. We finished the background on my Sleeve of Science. Can you say "Smoke galore"? Also, the elbow and ditch were nowhere near as bad as I expected (I was expecting kneecap-like pain, and it was nowhere near that for me), but the end of the funny bone was...different. Like taking an electrical wire plugged into a 110V outlet and putting it on my fingers the whole time. Now comes the fun part...All the non-background shading! The abacus will have a wood-coloured frame, probably with brass corners and red beads. Not sure what he has planned for the rest. Coloured fluids in the beakers, etc, with matching smoke highlights...
  22. Has anyone seen this show? Tattoo Odyssey - Smithsonian Channel Just recently go the Documentary Channel (the Canadian one), and see that this is on in a few hours. Not sure if I'll catch it, but could be interesting.
  23. Let's see...so far: Two toolboxes about 5' tall (was a professional wrench for about a decade), Back of laptop and monitor, One filing cabinet, Back/small side windows on my truck, Starting on my shop fridge...
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