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  1. Its looking really good! Theres a good balance of lights and darks (good contrast). I think you you're just not used to it but once finished you'll start to be able to.
  2. @bluebullets If it helps, the quality of the ink today is better than 20 years ago (so I hear). So todays ink should last better, and safer as we use synthetic azo dyes instead of metals to make color. Of course you need to take care of your ink as well. You said you already have tattoos, but is more concerned about ageing for sleeves. From what I have seen, I think sleeves age really nicely!! Sorry....I dont have a 20 year tattoo but i just wanted to say I went for a sleeve over individual tattoos for the exact reason you are not😂 (But Im open to one piece shots on my leg or other arm, just need my wallet to recover)
  3. Hey All, So I am asking this question in advance, as I still have 1 inner arm peony to go - otherwise my 3/4 sleeve is finished with the background and coloring. It is of a japanese kirin with it's face on my lower arm and legs up towards my shoulder. I love the colors and everything in the sleeve except for a top vertical leg that sticks up. I'm starting to think it is out of place and points at me oddly. It's also not drawn as geometrically as the other 3 legs but I dismissed this at the stencil stage and did not tell the artist. Is it worth lasering this leg so that the artist can redraw it? Even though I have one peony left, i think I can more or less see how the sleeve tattoo will look like? I am a bit bummed I am feeling this way, but has anyone else been in my position? Have you gone for a large tattoo or sleeve, overlooked something in the stencil then sought laser down the track to redraw it? Should laser only be reserved for worst case scenarios?
  4. @Hogrider I'm afraid you've read into my posts wrong or I wasn't clear enough. I am not discussing whether or not someone has earned their tattoo. The difference I was outlining between established numbing creams vs DMX was the safety assurance in use of the former vs the later. Otherwise I agree, numbing is numbing whichever way you achieve it!
  5. @Hogrider He is using DMX in OFF LABEL doses. Does not sound like a thing a regular tattoo artist would know about. It is not in conjunction with a doctor. He is experimenting with dosage amounts - he does not mention any instructions the DMX comes with. You could get yourself hooked onto painkillers this way. His tattooist DID NOT KNOW and would have declined if she knew. This is what is irresponsible/dangerous. I hope you can see how this is very different to buying a household, bottled cream over the counter, complete with instructions which many other ppl have used over the years AND tattoo artist knows.
  6. I think it's dangerous to mess with drugs like this unsolicited, unguided. Especially with your tattoo artist NOT knowing? You don't know what you don't from a medical point of view. It is foolish to open oneself to unknown and unforeseen risks experimenting with drugs like this, and all to avoid tattoo pain. I hope this post does not encourage other ppl to experiment with drugs like this all just for avoiding. However we are adults so we can do what we want! But to answer, I don't look to avoid pain. Tattoos hurt for me and I just sit till I can. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with using numbing creams but this seems to be another level. I am sorry my post is not supportive. I am just more concerned more than anything.
  7. Just my 2c, but I would see if I could get a consult with a good artist first before going for laser to see if they think I need total removal or partial lightening. But make sure the artist you go to actually specialises in dainty linework. I am not a tattooist but a good artist could go over, make the line neat and solid. But it won't be dainty or the minimalist look but clean and bold. The line thickness he used is already thicker than the minimal /dainty look you prefer. But this can be fixed 'fairly easily' (whether you completely remove, partially lighten or redo) as it is small tattoo so thats good news!
  8. I prefer it to just be myself and the artist. Bringing a friend would just be distracting for me with regards to my discussions with the artist, and making sure they're still having fun, or having to talk when I prefer not to talk. The current artist who is doing my sleeve does not prefer to talk so that works out pretty well for us.
  9. @oboogie I always leave the best for last so I am happy to be considered infant! Can only mean I have a ton left to savour 😊
  10. @dustybitch Those are some really sweet tatts and bold outlines! I like how you keep going back to this artist. Are they a favorite artist of yours?
  11. I use Dr Bronners liquid soap in Tea Tree oil to wash my tattoos. Its very gentle and basic so no antibacterial soap. I don't wrap at night, I tend not to get very gooey however for my 3rd tattoo i followed my artist's recommendation to wrap my tattoo for the first night. For my first tattoo from another artist I was told do not wrap, as that creates moisture which can lead to harbouring bacteria and infection. So for my first tattoo there was no wrapping at all after I took off the intial wrap from finishing the tattoo. Just loose clothing and mainly keeping the area clean and dry. Washing twice a day and moisturize 2 -3 times a day.
  12. I use Hustle butter for the first 2 - 3 days then I switch over to Palmers Cocoa butter. After a few weeks I occasionally use vitamin E oil.
  13. Yes this happens to me too! I think it is the aftercare I use. I know Hustle butter is well known aftercare and has a lot of good reviews, but i have varied the amount i put and either way, it still clogs my pores. Once I switch over to a light lotion, the pimples start to go away.
  14. Depending on the area I swell quite a bit. For front thigh tattoo, once I got home an hour later my right thigh was clearly a lot bigger than my left, and over the next 3 or 4 days the swelling went down. Also when I got the top part of my forearm tattooed, there was this bulge! But this improved the next day and the swelling did not go on for days like my thigh. My thigh tattoo is now nicely healed and its been 8 days of healing for my arm. (still in progress)
  15. ChoWai


    I think that line of red is the skin that was still healing when your accidentally ripped your scab off. So it will scab over again &/or just heal. I don't think a scar will remain once healed.
  16. Hi! You have a really nice collection of japanese one shots! You're no newbie at all! I especially love your monmom cat and your Baku.
  17. Hey, @NearFantastica, I realize I am a bit late to your post, but wondered how you have been getting on with your new tattoo? Cuz I think it's beautiful and done well! You really have/had nothing to worry about in regards to those tattoo regret examples of bad tattoos.
  18. @Hogrider Hahaha, that is SO BRAVE of you to respond that way. How did that lady respond?
  19. Thank you! @Gingerninja It's being done by Tom Roy at Seven Tails tattoo in Melbourne, Australia.
  20. Hey All! Sorry for my delayed response and for coming across that way --- nahhh the later one gets tattooed the better. I just meant people I see or know of being tattooed started in their late teens or early twenties, but I am happy I started now and not when I was younger 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!
  21. Aww, I know how you feel about not speaking up, so a part of you is in 'kind of in denial' about the tattoo - but it is so wonderfully illustrated. I also say give it some time to grow on you.
  22. Wow - how did she manage to fall asleep! I have tried to fall asleep but the sensation of being tattooed is too jarring for me to be able to do so. Best I can do lay there feeling sleepy without being able to fall asleep.
  23. Nice tatt! I haven't been tattooed on my hip, but only my front thigh, back/shoulder blade & close to spine, and my arm. The most painful I have experienced was in my elbow ditch area on the side. As well as on my shoulder close to the armpit area. Generally all tattooing hurts the same for me --- even though I mentioned a most painful area, for all areas more or less hurt equally. That can be a pro and a con!!! Happy tattooing!
  24. Hey All! Happy to have found an online forum like LST where people really, really talk about tattoos! Its so interesting to read about all these considerations about tattoos - lifestyle impact, sleeves and squid pants to hearing about great tattoo artists! I am kind of late to getting tattooed? I got my first this year at 29, on my upper back/shoulder and one on my thigh 4 weeks ago. They're all of animals. And I am booking again for a half sleeve in Feb 2019 - Im going to be so impatient! I guess I will hang around here and indulge in other ppl's tattoos and tattoo chats till then! Have a good one!
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