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  1. Were these the instructions your artist gave you? Because according to the manufacturer you're not supposed to put anything under the derm. My sister had a rash with the saniderm, just at the edges. After about two weeks it went back to normal.
  2. The manufacturer states not to put anything under the bandage. I wouldn't do it. While removal wasn't super easy, I didn't find it painful. I keep my original bandage on for 7 days per my artist's instructions, so by the time I remove it's healed and maybe less tender. To remove I get in the shower, let hot water hit it for a bit, and start from the bottom up. You pull the bandage down to break the seal, and work your way up. My skin isn't even that red upon removal. This was immediately after removing the saniderm after my last tattoo.
  3. I am in Texas, so I feel your pain. I had that issue with my last tattoo (5 weeks ago) and my artist said as long as the tattoo was still sealed, it was ok. He had me disinfect the area and apply another piece of saniderm to keep the edges down. Maybe wrap a piece around the area that keeps lifting. That brought me two more days, which is all I needed to make it to the 7 days.
  4. Sounds like this guy is actually a good artist who is telling you what issues you may expect. You can probably find someone who will do it for you, without warning. My artist was very straight up with me that the mandala I had in mind would look horrible in a few years. He showed me (on his body) what close lines end up looking like. I listened to him because the first tattoo I got, the artist said it was too small, but I didn't want anything big. It ended up looking terrible about 5 years later. I have since had to cover it up. Three weeks ago my new guy did a shoulder piece that's thin lines, but the piece was MUCH bigger than I had originally intended. I learned to listen to them, they know what they're doing.
  5. It's thin skin, which is more prone to blowouts. Wrist, ankle, fingers, toes and tops of hands/feet are all thinner skin.
  6. My first tattoo was a bad one. It was a mixture of a) no planning or looking for information and b) not listening to the artist. My first tattoo was an impulse thing. My little sister suggested we get matching tattoos, I said yes, next thing I know I was in a shop somewhere in St. Marks Place in NYC (don't even know the name of the shop). We said we wanted butterflies, and showed him a pic. Artist looked at us like we were stupid, but said "Ok, what size" We told him to make it as little as possible (ended up being like 1.5 inches in length). He said that wouldn't look good,, I didn't listen He did it just like I requested. Second tattoo I researched artists in my area. I knew of a good shop nearby with amazing artist, looked at all of their portfolios (looked at things like line work, shading, healed tattoo photos, etc). Made an appointment for a consultation with one who's work and style I liked. Discussed what I wanted. Listened to the artist when he told me that it wouldn't age well and that the size I wanted for the area was too small. I ended up with a really good tattoo the second time. I was also 36 vs 21 and had a bad tattoo experience under my belt.
  7. Talk to your artist about your concerns. He/she will give you their honest opinion. When I got my back mandala, I went in with a totally different design. My artist told me that while it was beautiful, it wouldn't age right because it was so detailed and had so many fine lines together. So we reworked it and I got a mandala that is less detailed, but will age better. I loved the way my tattoo came out, and appreciate it that it will have lasting power. My first tattoo (which I have since covered up), i didn't listen to the artist regarding size. 10 years later, you couldn't even tell what the heck it was. So definitely be open to changes if longevity is a concern.
  8. Do whatever your artist tells you to do. Saniderm instructions say to clean, dry the area, and apply second bandage. I would imagine that applying anything would not allow it to stick properly. https://saniderm.com/how-to-use/ I never change out my bandage. Just wear it for 5 days straight.
  9. My second tattoo, my artist charged $150/h. I gave a $100 deposit. Day of the tattoo he tattooed me for about an hour and a half (from the min he started to the end time), and charged me for 2 hours. I paid the two hours and added a 20% tip. I didn't mind paying for the extra 20 or 30 minutes because I realized that he took time to draw, to make two or three stencils until he got the right size for the area. He was also very meticulous about making sure it was on the right spot (time being spent). The second tattoo he did for me, he tattooed me for just under three hours ($450). He only charged me $200. I tipped him 30% that time. We have since become friends. We have hung out while he's drawing tattoos for the next day. He can spend several hours drawing and making different options, for which he doesn't get paid. So now even more, I never haggle an artist. I am amazed at how many people don't tip their artist. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.
  10. Before getting my second tattoo, I searched all over the internet about healing with saniderm. My first tattoo was traditional healing, which was a pain. This is my healing experience (with pics) of the second tattoo I healed using saniderm (cover up of tattoo #1). Tattoo artist placed the saniderm within minutes of finishing up the tattoo. It's on my lower back, so I wore yoga pants. Day 2 and 3 I wore dresses. By day 4 I was wearing jeans. Kept the original saniderm on for 5 days. No changing after one day. It was August in Texas, which means hot and sweaty. No issues having the saniderm stick. Removed in the shower by myself (a little tricky) on day 5. Washed with non-scented /sensitive soap. Dried with paper towel. Applied hustle butter after removing Saniderm (small amount twice a day). Very minimal itching and pealing. This collage shows what it looks like on Day 1, 4 , 5 (immediately after removing) 6 (morning after removal), and 8 (showing a little of the pealing). This is what it looks like healed, about three months after it was done. I love Saniderm and wouldn't go back to traditional healing. It's just so convenient. Hope this helps someone else!
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