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  1. I had appointments on April 7th and 21st for my next half sleeve that were obviously canceled. That shop, and others around here, are offering discounted gift cards. I bought a $100 gift card towards my eventual appointment for $85. When they get more sweatshirts in, I will be ordering one of those as well.
  2. I got my first tattoo at 40, this December. Upper arm, shoulder to elbow. I was more worried about how long I'd be able to sit for and getting an infection than not liking it. I guess the way I figured, it's just skin...if I hated it, oh well it's on my upper arm anyway. Turns out I sat for the entire 11-5 session (with breaks) and it was completed that day. I love it way more than I thought was possible. So much so that I have my next appointment booked in April for my other arm, and then plan to fill in the under arm areas. I'll do my lower arms one day when a job change less likely. I can't wait for summer so I can wear short sleeves or a tank top so I can see the art all the time. I'm a pretty anxious person, so I am really glad I didn't feel regret at all. I am glad I waited until I was older. I had thought about getting a tattoo many times, but what I was younger I would have gotten something I would likely be covering up now. It was easier for me to pick ideas that I feel confident are fleeting for me at this point in life. While I don't see myself getting body suit, or any neck of face tattoos, I definitely see this as something I'll keep adding to over time. Now I think people without tattoos look plain and boring 😆
  3. Posted this a while back, here are the new, and now fully headed pictures. I have already booked with the same artist for my other arm in April!
  4. Just to clarify, my artist put the original saniderm on at the end of my session. 24 hours later when I removed it, it was so filled with ink, plasma, etc that it came off easily. It was leaking at the bottom at that point. The next piece stayed on for 3 days and that one came off pretty easily too in the shower even though everything was pretty dry. These were the instructions my artists gave me, not my own, others do it differently
  5. I would just go for the full sleeve now, but I worry about future job implications for now. Probably will one day. I'd actually like to see my tattoos more than I do! Fortunately, both would work well being added on to and I have talked to my artist about designing them with additions in mind down the road. Once I do both arms, I'll slowly fill in the underside of each arm.
  6. Just got my right arm done with a piece from shoulder to elbow. Now I want more! I could go about filling this one in, but I really like it the way it is. I have an idea for the other arm, also would be shoulder to elbow. What do you guys think.....is that a weird look to have both arms done with very different pieces but both shoulder to elbow ion size/placement?
  7. On my first tattoo, I used Saniderm, so that is all I know. For me, the instructions were keep the initial derm on for 24 hours, remove in the shower and wash thoroughly with something like Dial Gold. Air or Pat dry with paper towel and put a new piece on for 3 days. After that, remove it carefully in the shower, wash it thoroughly 2-3 time a day and apply Dab tattoo cream. My experience was very good. The initial piece was filled with fluid, but the second piece was dry when I removed it. I had no scabbing. When I peeling, it was tiny flakes and no large chunks. This was a shoulder to elbow piece too, not a small tattoo. After that it was pretty well past the risk of infection stage and the hardest part was keeping my skin moisturized while not overdoing it. My skin in the winter is so dry anyway. I would apply Aveeno after showering and by the time I was getting dressed, it was bone dry again. I plan to get my other arm done and will be following the same method. It definitely made it easier to care for and way less worry of infection during those initial first few days.
  8. I got my first last month. Pretty large, shoulder to elbow.....go big or go home! I smile every time I look at it. It's weird knowing it's permanent and that my arm will never look bare again, but I never liked my pale upper arms anyway. I like it so much, I'm ready to get the other arm done in something a similar size. If I didn't have to worry about work right now, I'd probably be working on a full sleeve on both arms! Not ruling that out for the future. So no regrets, only the itch for more!
  9. Thanks! I’m extremely happy with it. Session was 11 to around 5. With breaks every so often. Really wasn’t bad and I would have sat longer if needed It’s healing nicely just a day over a week. Used Saniderm and had no scabbing. It’s pretty flakey now but nothing is raised or bumpy. Just dry old skin flaking off.
  10. I mean if you like the art, I wouldn't worry about anything else. I had read some reviews of the owner being anti-military and other bad experiences with their attitude towards people. I did ALOT of comparing and 4-5 consults in the area before I got my first tattoo this month. I can definitely say which ones I would go to and which I wouldn't. The place I did go to I would absolutely go to again and highly recommend: https://www.instagram.com/doublediamondink/ Had a great experience and I love the work.
  11. I saw the picture before it was taken down. This place is one I looked into. Kinda glad I didn't go there.
  12. Just got my first tattoo last Thursday! I am beyond thrilled with the art. The artist just nailed it. It's everything I asked for and beyond. I love how the flag stripes are blended into the Constitution and becomes part of the aging of the document. I love the stitching and embroidering on the flag, and how even the tiny text that you can't read still looks like real text. The feather quill and inkwell are awesome! This was done in one session and these pictures are taken right after and the day after. Pain really wasn't bad at all. Obviously some areas are worse than others, but I could have sat longer if I needed to. I am using DermShield, first piece on for 24 hours, then swapped for a fresh piece for 3 days. That comes off today, and man I can't wait to get this off and put some moisturizer on it! It's pretty tight, red, and itchy, more around the tattoo than on it but I have dry sensitive skin and winter doesn't help. I have not showered in the 3 days since I put on the second dermshield, because it's several pieces and I just don't think it would last otherwise. As soon as I get home from work I am running for the showering and peeling the dermshield off! Hoping for smooth sailing from here. Already planning ideas for the other side of this arm to go with this theme. Definitely using the same artist. I'm trying to decide if that last half star (circled in red) would look better with a bit of shading to it so it matches the others more, or better looking like its fading out to the skin as that was the artists concept. Probably won't be able to decide until this is healed and the skin is no longer red. What do you guys think...have that shaded a bit or leave it so it looks more out of focus/fading out? Hope you all like it!
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