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  1. picture not working - - - Updated - - - Mike Bruce @ Inksmith & Rogers Wilford Brimley dragon by David Bruehl @ redletter1 (forgive the picture its tough to photo myself.) next saturday ill be getting tattooed by Mike Wilson @ Inksmith & Rogers
  2. i have one, she helped with my legal issues and she is colored to represent that.
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    @Jomester kinda random stuff graffiti,life,tatto reklated
  4. I am perplexed by you Brian wermwood. did you want sympathy from this post? after you first realized that being a scratcher meant no love, why would you even think that going into a shop as a random dude not laying a dollar on the table, and spilling your scratcher beans out was gonna work for you? you actually told them your stealing their hard earned food from their table and then go on to say you want to suck up some info from them.. and you thought it would go down any other way? you kinda got off easy! my mentor/shop owner literally refers to me as his bulldog, as its one of my shop duty's to physically remove scratchers/solicters/douchebags from the floor. and i take it personal with scratchers cause im here busting my ass all week for peanuts with a wife and 2 kids and some dudes out there trying to take easy street and by pass the hard work to clock dollar.. basicly your crossing dudes picket line
  5. If i had money i'd be doing tons of traveling to get tattoo's. I'm pretty much poor but i have a 6 hour drive each way on friday to get tattooed by mike bruce im really looking hyped about!
  6. i want to state first and foremost i dont want to come off like im tryin to be a dick or "slaying" thats not my place here or anywhere on the net... i feel like tattooing for me was just a natural life progression, i love tattoo's getting them learning about them and i like being creative. i dont like the art "scene" or much care to paint canvas. it doesnt get me off like writing does. tattooing would not fund my graffiti, graffiti for me is "free" consider homedepot ect. a sponcer as i was pretty prolific with my racking. i kinda lost interest with graffiti as i realized i was taking a fun nick name game to serious and when my son asked my why i just marked on the box truck in traffic and around the same time was focusing more on tattooing. ?(dont get me wrong i still get it in) this is just me, i cant speak on other writers. but to be honest money doesnt have much to do with why i got invloved i make maybe 10$ a day as an apprentice where im at work 60 hours a week. basicly pays for lunch. im currently located in a small seasonal town so wont make much money when i do tattoo. and as a young in skill tattooer i wont think ill see much money if and when i move. but it gets me out of the house keeps my quest and hunger for knowledge fufilled as i cant see any end to me learning. and legal fee's way down. i can go on for ever but i doubt you or anyone else could give a shit about some dudes life. i wish you good luck on your quest. you can message me in private if you wish to discuss any graffiti type shit further. -JM1 NSF
  7. oh it was "combat tattooing" not guerilla
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