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    Hey Kevin - welcome to the forum, thanks for joining!
  2. Welcome to the 90's! I actually really enjoyed the 90's, good times. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing some pictures of your tattoo work and designs. Cheers!
  3. Scott Sylvia gets challenged to arm wrestle by Nick Colella at the 2010 Salt Lake City Utah Tattoo Convention.
  4. I used to be in a band called The Sick, and we spent 3 months in eastern Europe on tour in 2000. We lived in a small town outside of Prague in Czech Republic called Teplice (pronounced 'Teplitza'), and people told us that being tattooed as much as we were made the local residents think we were in the mafia. The Russian mafia had a presence there w/ prostitution rings. In general people seem to steer clear of you more - unless they're cops I guess..
  5. Hey Jake! That is a sick one for sure! Nice intricate details, love the colors in the clouds, and I like the fusion of themes w/ Japanese style water and a pirate ship. I need to take some pics of mine. I have a dragon that Chris Conn did that I like.
  6. Steve

    Hello everybody

    Good to see some activity already happening here - here's to lot's of good stories, new friendships, and laughs along the way! I'll be doing my best to keep the board up and running as your trusted tech guy. Cheers Steve
  7. Hilarious - thanks for making me chuckle. Seriously good advice too though. come on people - show some respect!