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  1. Hello backatcha homie. Absolutly certain Ben will make it smooth as silk and above all, women are tough! Tell Chris Smith that "Hawk" sez hi! When in the hands of a pro, things will be just fine. Nice hearin from ya!
  2. I'm a member and a regular here.
  3. I wish I could be there to help you have a good time and get some ink from ya. Have Fun!
  4. Welcome LeDan & Jennie, People of tattoo royalty and two of the most beautiful people to ever know!
  5. I have to say that YOU make that tattoo look very cool. Tattoos don't make cool as much as the "Individual" can and YOU pull it off perfect! I don't mean this in a "horney old man" kind of way either. You appear as the kind of people who keep tattoos cultural, THANK YOU FOR THAT.
  6. The walls are painted by Ed Young, Scott Harrison, Nick Colella.
  7. And still a few more pic"s from the event. It went over very well, but notice inside the building there is the ashtray to the right of the pic of Ed Young tattooing, campus gallery with smokeing, that kinda dates the pic. That rollaway that Ed is working off of was my old traveling rollaway, all contained with an autoclave and sterile trays, still got it up in storage, hauled that chair to many States and Convention centers too.
  8. WE HAVE A WINNAH!!!!!!! Good goin Kylegrey! It's Nick Colella at "Under the Needle" an exhibit/ art show and Live demonstration of the art of tattooing. The art was still tryin to hitch an elevator ride at that point in time. More pic's of painted walls to come from this event.
  9. Comon, a free shirt should go to the first person to get this right....
  10. This pic is of a a young whipper snapper that we all know here on LST, can you guess who he is?
  11. Hhmmmm, so if it would reach, hmmmm, if it could reach, hmmm, It would be possible!!!! Triple Snap ina Z formation!!!! Gotta spin some Donna Summer records!!
  12. Are you gay if you go fuck yourself? All this half wit shit about a bunch of "organized" church goin cousinfuckers applauding a child taught hate is enough to make me wanna cut someone. People think gay people will fuck with kids heads, jeezus H Keeriest! Look what the straits have done....
  13. Glad to have ya! Welcome Yoeman!
  14. Yeah, the spelling is "Miranda", wonder if he put "rights" under it.
  15. Yeah, and think about how he's leading by his example for the "All my kid's friends are doing it" crowd. There is another one with the kid sitting on the coach while his little brother watches over his shoulder but this one sumed it up fairly well. Minors tattooing themselves with 37 dollah kits from EBay is not yet regulated or ever will be. I can see the legislation now; "No person under the age of 18 shall tattoo themselves within their dwelling", getting specific won't help a thing. I know this is way off topic from the original post, sorry, I'm just so disgusted.
  16. hawk


    Entertainment Tonight?
  17. hawk


    May I ask who tattooed ya 37 years ago? Good story to tell in there? Thanks in advance for a story yet written...
  18. Day by day I hope it improves. Old Doc Webb said "In times when your broke, ya can't eat it or pawn it but it's always gonna be there to share the times with you". We just don't like it when it stands up! Ha! Thanks for the update Boodah!
  19. Free dermatology advice is what your searching for whether ya know it or not,but that's OK, tattooers often know more about the afflictions in tattoos than the local dermatologist. With that said, let me state that there are pigments coming into countries form other countries that are not entirely sound, why would China care about cheap tattoo pigments when they don't seem to care about the paint they spay on kids toys. Anyhow, I don't think this is the case for you, mainly because it took this much time to appear and you had no initial reaction during and after the healing. I "suspect" t
  20. What a great compliment! Thank you. Mike is a very great and humble compliment to the trade and that is very rare in this era of tattooing, finding him for his work is like strikeing gold. His work certainly speaks for itself.
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