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  1. Had numbing spray used on my rib piece. I had sat for about an hour and my side was twitching, I couldn't stop it. He used the spray and it took the edge off for about 15 minutes and went right back to pain city, it even seemed a little worse, after using the spray on me twice I didn't want it anymore because it made the pain seem worse when it wore off.
  2. The guy that has done most of my tattoos uses a combination of coil machines for line work and rotary machines for shading. When I first got tattooed by him he used coils exclusively, when he started in with the rotary machines it seemed to me that the rotary was considerably more painful. Just my perception though, could be I'm just imagining things, I think it is different for everyone.
  3. I live just 40 minutes SW of where it started. I drove right through where it touched down about 5 minutes before. All my friends and family that live in the area are accounted for although a couple of my friends houses where right in the path in the worst hit area. They lost everything, but are still alive.
  4. I wouldn't know lol....She seems to be a big topic of conversation on parent teacher conference night though. I know she has been asked to cover it up repeatedly when she comes to the school.
  5. One of the moms at my kids school has a big cock tattooed on her forearm, that gets a lot of attention.
  6. Well the article didn't say it was a good one....with good reason. SMH
  7. Quit almost 20 years ago...smoked about a pack a day for 5 years, woke up one morning and grabbed a cigarette first thing like i normally did. Decided right then and there that I needed to stop. Threw away the rest of what I had and never picked it up again. It was rough going for awhile but knew I wanted to stick with it. I think the most important thing is that you have to want to quit.
  8. What the heck, I'll throw mine in the ring this month...Got this one back in Janurary. Done by Thomas Deaton at Twisted Reality tattoo
  9. I think that if I had Pro Baseball money I'd spring for a better artist.....
  10. @Dan S Epic beard and a badass Shovelhead.... - - - Updated - - - 1.)Getting my 2nd tattoo.... 2.) Riding to Austin, Tx, (Before I had any visible tattoos) 3.)Just before I shaved this year. Currently growing it back.
  11. Seems the dude has a thing for tattooing girls faces....That's the same guy that tattooed the 56 stars on that girls face... 56 stars tattooed on Belgian woman's face still visible a year after she planned to have laser surgery | Mail Online
  12. EzRider

    hi there

    Welcome, and like @hogg said, we'd like to see some of your old work.
  13. Welcome, I also recently got the back of my calf tattooed. My foot and ankle began to swell after 2 days, It took a good 3-4 days before the swelling went down. Glad you were able to get the answer you needed. Hope you'll post up a pic of your tattoo soon.
  14. So angry that they took this off the air after only one season, one of my favorite scifi shows. Like @reverend1 said, watch Serenity, you won't be disappointed.
  15. Liar and a thief....Doesn't get much lower. Glad he was caught and fired.
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