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  1. Thanks a ton for the offer man! To bad Im way up in the cold white north I won't be getting it for a while anyway, I have to save all my money for my stupidly expensive school program.
  2. Thanks man! That gave me a huge boost of excitement and relief. I figured it would not be too hard. Got the answer I was hoping for, but I really need to consult an artist who will/can do roughly what I am looking for. Since this thread is pretty much done, Mods feel free to close.
  3. This is a better representation of the colour, but not really, its a terrible photo, and right now I can't really take a decent picture, but its good enough to get and idea Sorry about the sizing and whatnot. My cell phone is making the red look a little brighter and more vibrant than it really is, the ink is a bit darker and not quite so... intense?
  4. I figured as much, there is a lot of free skin around almost all of the red, and size I have no issues with at all. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Thank you.
  5. Hey everyone, So I got a tattoo done about 6 months ago and everything seems to be just dandy. However, in the near future or more likely within the next 6 months I hope I can get it "redone" or touched up. More specifically, I have a whole bunch of red in a spiral around and behind a symbol. Don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy with it at all. However, I would like there to be more. What I would like to be done is, instead of a red spiral, is fire surrounding, or spinning around (obviously in the direction of the red spiral.) Now, my question. Would it be possible to do a flame design
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments, it has gotten alot better, but some of the red is taking longer to heal. Its looking really good though. I guess I got a little over worried about it. Yes, I am actually. Have alot of viking blood in me, and that of a scottish outlaw (if that makes a difference)
  7. thank you very much for your reply, just wanted to make sure and be safer than sorry. To me it seems like the small white dots are turing into parts that are peeling, nothing more. But they have been there for over a day now and have not changed at all in any way, so I assume its just some healing going on.
  8. So here is the tattoo I got day after I got it Now, I have a couple questions to which I have some concern over: I have some concern with where the red is, mainly near the centre of the tattoo. The skin looks, puffy ish, or raised, and has a clear-ish opaque look to it, in that area as well, are a few very very very small white dots, that can only be seen clearly after washing in a certain light. One of which recently began to peel. The area is not hot at all, infact, after I clean my hands, it feels the exact same temperature as the rest of the forearm I am concerned that it cou
  9. Saw Looper a couple days ago, really liked it for the most part. It got a little slow for me at times, and I found a little bit of it to be confusing or poorly structured, but the overall concepts and themes were really good. Loved the scene where the guy was slowly losing body parts, has his present self was being amputated piece by piece and the present self was seeing the effects, but healed. Really freaking cool idea right there
  10. seeing this thread gives me a little comfort with the concerns I had with mine. I dont even know why I am being so paranoid with mine either. just realized this was two weeks ago, hope its healing well!
  11. Besides getting a tattoo on my forearm that I am very excited to be able to show and bear with pride, been playing guitar and getting healthy. For some that may not be much, but for me, Im pretty darn happy
  12. I remember when Instagram first came out a few years ago, made by a small time company for photography enthusiasts to share good photographs and enjoy the wonderful hobby. Some of the weekly top rated pictures were actually amazing, usually consisting of beautiful scenery, amazing portraits, and believe it or not, outstanding abstract, etc. Then, as it came to be known by...... I guess you could say mainstream society, it turned to a photo sharing social media. Instagram truly died for me when facebook bought it. O well.....
  13. I love all good beers, but my favorite for a while has been Creemore Springs, cannot get enough of that amazing brew
  14. I have both the Hero 2 and the Hero 3 black edition. although they are absolutely amazing, that video gives them a false representation. That video has many filters and edits done to make the footage look really good, and the slow motion is actually not the easiest to do at all. Especially some of the scenes that are really slow, you need to spend a few hundred on a video program to get that done. That being said, I love the gopro's, a ton of fun, huge variety of settings and usages.
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