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    Im here and thats all I can tell so far
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    I like to be in pain for several hours while extremely talented artists use me as a human canvas

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  1. I'll be around Sunday hang in out. My wife will be working with the diamond club booth, come swing by and get a tattoo or just say hi and get some stickers.
  2. @ian he won't be coming this year , he and I spoke a week or two ago and he let me know, he's got some good family stuff to take care of so yeah he won't be there. Well now the wifey and I got a good reason to make it out to Adelaide this year. I'm not too worried though I enjoy the process of getting work and the stages to finish it .I have plenty of other work I'll be getting and finishing up so I don't stress time
  3. Here's my left lower leg done with Matt Deverson from Progression tattoo in Adelaide Australia and the top of my right done with Matt (Dr Claw) from Diamond Club
  4. @Iwar the white pigment most of the horitoshi family uses is made by Dr.Claw (Matt) at Diamond Club. The company name is el Blanco ink. Junii and Bill are part of the family hence there access. You can almost always tell who is horitoshi family by their peonies
  5. My wife has peonies from Junii, they are absolutely stunning and Deverson is one of my favorite all around flower guy. That being said, check out Kevin Marr's peonies and Chris Brand's they are some of my favorite out there
  6. Me too @hogg. I can't wait to see the stencil.
  7. Yeah about what I figured @iron chef . It's a tender little area and thanks Im super stoked about how it came out. Dr Claw is a one handed maniac - - - Updated - - - Me too @Avery Taylor and it's gonna be a dirty whore spider for sure. Dr Claw should be drawing it up as we speak.
  8. Hey y'all just finished my outer thigh with Dr. Claw out of Diamond Club. Stoked now going to do the inner thigh, I can already tell it's gonna suck, Oh well. Going to be doing a jorogumo with webbing that will connect to the rest of the background.u
  9. Just finished up this piece with Matt aka Dr Claw outa Diamond Club. - - - Updated - - -
  10. Hey y'all I'll be at the convention with my wife this year. Have a session with ganji from three tides doing a little gap filler namakubi. I'll also be doing more woth Matt Deverson. @beez I'll be hanging out with diamond club most of the time I'll be there. So if anybody is meeting up stop by and grab me Looking forward everybody. It's gonna be a good year
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