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  1. I haven't read all these pages, so I apologize if this is redundant, but when my tattoo started to itch this time I took a benadryl before bed for a few days. I barely noticed it this time.
  2. I've used it for each of the three sessions I had this year. My artist used it and it smelled so good I bought some. Ya it cost $20 I think, but it goes a long way. I used it the first week and then quit but only because my husband always put to much on. I couldn't reach my back to do it myself. I got tired of wearing shirts that I didn't mind getting greasy.
  3. Bummer, picture is a bit blurry. I'll make sure I get a better one of the finished product.
  4. YES! This drives me crazy! One here or there, meh, but sometimes I have a person go crazy posting one right after another. But hey, first world problem, right? ;)
  5. All this text drives me crazy!. I like to look at tattoo's on pinterest but I have found myself having to narrow my search to back piece or sleeve to avoid pages and pages of text tattoo's. How boring! Why do people do that? Isn't this supposed to be art? Am I going to start walking through art galleries and see framed text? Wait, people are doing this in their homes now...
  6. Really there is no way around this. I was a phlebotomist for 11 years before becoming a nurse and I was a good one. I rarely had to call upon someone else to get something I missed, but you quite often have to "fish around" for veins. It's only in a fantasy world that every poke would go directly into it's target.
  7. So I'm thinking that I may not be able to go back to using benzoyl peroxide for skin care of my back. It is known to bleach fabric so I am concerned that over time it will accelerate the aging of my tattoo. I read online that I shouldn't worry about it because tattoos are under a few layers of skin but, many substances can penetrate the skin. We give some medications that way. Just curious if anyone knows anything about the effects of benzoyl peroxide on tattoos. I know not to use it during the healing process, but am I right in thinking it's better not to use it ever?
  8. I have never had any difficulty getting into veins because of tattoos because I go by the feel of the vein, not the sight of one.
  9. I'm confident you won't be able to see it when he is done. I can't believe how faded it looks next to the new black!
  10. So which page of this thread gives advice on itching? I swear, I'd rather this thing hurt than itched. It's driving me crazy.
  11. Took me longer than I thought to get in for my first session but here it is. Still need to add color. I wish I could stare at it but it is on my back so that is not comfortable to do. :(
  12. KegRN

    Spazzing Out

    What on earth was the rational for dermal abrasion?
  13. Also worrying about money, as opposed to what is going to be on your skin for life, seems like a very bad idea. I realize $650 is a lot to lose but he could end up losing a lot more, fixing an even bigger problem... but I guess that isn't helpful advice.
  14. So you are going to get MORE work done by this person? I think that would be a mistake.
  15. Um, because you can have the best of both worlds, and all you need is the right shirt. Hiding tattoo's are not the only way people accommodate those around them. We all adjust the way we even speak depending on the situation. Why is this so hard for people to understand when it comes to tattoo's. I know that some of my patients would feel uncomfortable if I had visible tattoos. And yes I care about their comfort level with me. It is part of my job to care. My work is a large part of my life. Will I decide then that, "Oh well, I just won't be able to have tattoos" Why should I have to choose between the two, when I can very easily just cover them?
  16. I think part of what it means to be a living being is not calling other living beings warped pieces of garbage.
  17. I would have to agree that the search engine on this site leaves a lot to be desired. I started a post asking what is the longest people have sat for a session and then was notified that there was already a thread about that. Thing is, I searched for that topic first, in a few different ways and nothing turned up. - - - Updated - - - of course now I tried it and it made a liar out of me.
  18. I'm not the expert these guys are, but I think the contrast between the old and new is kind of cool. After seeing the video maybe the skulls could be reworked to balance things out.
  19. I browsed through some of the GOLD entries, unimpressed.
  20. Ya well, at least I'm not making him feel like crap for getting one at all like a lot of parents do. I guess I could just see some massive league of legends tattoo appearing somewhere on his body and his regretting it when he's 35. No it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but you want whats best for your kids, you know?
  21. Hu. straight edge, I learn something new every day. I'm sure a lot of you would disagree with me but I told my son to wait till his thirties to get a tattoo. I hope he takes my advice. The person you are at 20 is rarely the person you are at 30. Those ten years make such a big difference. This poor kid... when he really grows up his options for deciding on his future are pretty limited. I guess I made a lot of mistakes that are permanent when I was younger but at least I would have to sit down with a person and decide to share it with them, this is visible for everyone whether he likes it or not. I know your first instinct is to hate this kid for supposedly desecrating something you hold sacred, but man, he's just a kid.
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