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  1. @suburbanxcore that's super rad. I love that smokey wolf he does.
  2. @suburbanxcore What are you getting from Ron? I was going to book with him, but I'd like to see what other artists are going to be there first. Would like to get something from an artists not on the east coast or that's not easy driving distance from me.
  3. I'd like to take a trip out there one weekend before it ends. Hopefully I can make it happen with work.
  4. Hector is really, really good! But how about some traditional artists?
  5. I've been tattooed by Tony Polito and Ronnie Dell'Aquila so far. But I do have a few more old timers on my list that I want to get tattooed by...Mike Perfetto...Stan Moskowitz...Richard Stell...Ritchie Montgomery...Zeke Owen, just to name a few.
  6. Does anyone else have recommendations for some other southern hemisphere artists?
  7. Thanks guys! I'm really stoked about this one! Hogg, thats what I love about them too.
  8. Thanks, man! And Krooked Ken did the hand with cards.
  9. Done during his visit at Greenpoint Tattoo. Too stoked on this!
  10. I've been tattooed by both and I never really noticed any difference in terms of healing, and pain.
  11. I would love a piece by each of them. I got tattooed by Frank when he first started, I believe it was his first year as a tattooer. He has come a long way since. I would love another piece by him.
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