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  1. Yeah THE Natas Kaupas! I met him skating in germany and he gave me a little sqiggler. He is definitely not a tattooist but I was still stoked to have a mark from him!
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I have a few tattoos by Duncan Ewington, a couple from Pete Corrie and Fabst Farge in germany, and one from Natas Kaupas. My good friend lenny just started tattooing so I've given him a fair bit of leg space as well. I've been travelling for a while and getting mostly work from people I've met around, not a huge collector by name yet!
  3. Hey all, I just joined and started flicking about thoroughly enjoying this thread only to come across this guy here! I live in melbourne and the guy with the chad koeplinger in Rough Operators post is my good friend who I was drinking a beer with only hours ago. This piece looks amazing now that its fully coloured and complete, I'll see if I can find a photo somewhere! Small world, great thread! Here's a sizzler from El Bara, from Madrid.
  4. Johnny's shop is just around the corner from my house so luckily I get to bug him for info and try to watch him tattoo. Bloody ripper. His snakes are tight and his cobras are mind blowing! You can see a couple on the wall. Gotta get something off him soon! I hadn't seen this before, thanks for putting it up!
  5. Hey there folks, My name is Dan and I'm from Melbourne. Been working as a curator in galleries for many years and decided about a year and a half ago to branch out and pursue tattooing as more of a career than a hobby. I've been painting flash like mad because it's not a style I'm super used to and I guess it's time to show some more people what I'm working on to get some feedback from you guys. I killed many nights trawling through these fine forums for info here so it's only fair I get involved! I'll post a couple of paintings, hopefully soon enough i'll be posting tattoos.. Color work coming soon too!
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