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  1. welcome to the site dude

  2. Barbie, I just want you to know that I like every single fucking thing you ever posted on this forum.

    Thanks again for being so awesome,


  3. dude where you been? hope your well, busy here with the kids work and machine biz. where you living now? every time i see charlie we talk about you always "have you heard from him" . haha. are you still tattooing? glad your on here. im gonna try to get charlie to do an interview for this thing. i think it would be cool as hell. glad to hear from you.


  4. whats up dude , thanks for joining. you want to do an interview some time?

  5. you left you celluar devise in my residence, please let me know how to return said artical. thank you....

  6. was miller still married to rose when he died? just wondering i was told he had changed a lot over the years, that he had gotten nicer? not sure if this is true or not ? i hope so

    thanks scott

  7. i think its jeffismyhero@gmail? pretty sure

  8. i dont know honestly. we are suppose to have a shop art show in a gallery in august so i guess if i get enough done for that i can. but who knows dude i havent even started anything.ask me again later and maybe i can do it. hope your well. santa cruz and reno?

  9. sweet tattoos dude. welcome to this thing hope it treats you well.

  10. thanks man i am not really responsable for it being cool, i think i post the least but i really appreciate it.

  11. fuckin john hall. hows it going? hows the kid? hope your well. ss

  12. good to see you on here i've heard a lot of good things about you. thanks again

  13. that is a good question? i had no intention of ever doing one then juan and nick colella jumped on me about it that i cant do these and not have one done. so apparently juan is suppose to tag team with someone and not in a sexy way either. so who knows lets just say im not pushing it. haha

  14. shit is good been busy with family and work hope all is well with you, thanks again for helping with that needle order hope it wasnt too much of a hasssle. is it getting cold out there now? has to be. thanks again scott

  15. this is not the place for key board heros. there are how ever other forums which love that crap and since you haven't even bothered to input any personal info which lends one to believe its just anonymous shit stirring. so if you would like to call josh and tell him he sucks go for it and while your at it you can call underwood and tell him you defended his honor. until you post productive shit on here this will be deleted. sorry to start you off like this but it seems a little out of place on this site. if you post photos and participate in the site i will do an interview with you and you can get on your soap box and yell your lungs out about who ever sucks in your opinion.

    thanks scott

  16. so my wife is out and im trying to mail you a shirt but i dont have the size???? im sure she has it but i cant figure that out. haha so let me know so i can ship this bitch out. thanks scott

  17. so im trying to mail you a shirt but we only have large in the ladys will this work? we also have mens medium in black. if you can get back to me this would be awesome. or i can mail you a 2xl and you can get all hyphy with that shit. haha thanks scott

  18. i talked to karl today and its on for philly for sure and im gonna try to work at jinx proof after as well. pretty stoked havent been out in a long while. as for the head probably after london unless i can con him into coming back sooner. hope your well.

  19. it took about two hours. not bad he stnciled the yantra and dorje part, then tattooed it then stenciled the front mantra tattooed it then stenciled the back on and i was getting sore from all the time in between. so stoked on it i cant wait to get it finished. he totally hooked my wifes arm up, really stoked to see her so tattooed.

  20. fuckin bernie!!!how you been? got to take care of the kids today then get my head tattooed tonight. yikes little worried about this one cant imagine its gonna feel good. haha hope your well and the family too. do you have plans to come out here again any time soon? if you do i would love to catch up besides hollerin over the stereo and tattoo machines.

    much love


  21. thanks, haven't had much time to be on here between the tattoos, machine orders,kids drawings bla,bla ,bla it seems to be developing a mind of its own. hope this finds you well

    my best


  22. thanks for joining this thing. we can use more tattooers for sure. thanks for posting photos and the likes im hoping we can sort of create our own magazine/community. with any money or crap to be involved. thanks again scott

  23. whats up? thanks for jumping on this thing, we can use some good tat pictures on here and yours are amazing.

    ou coming out here soon? i would like to do an interview with you if you would let me.

    all my best.


  24. im at the shop most of the time and you can call and make appointments. long way from pg. haha hope your well thanks for being on this thing.


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