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  1. I've got blowout on my inner thighs, (more like ink seepage/spreading) from a very well regarded tattooer. It's quite faint but covers a large area and in some light you can't see it, in other light it's very noticeable but it's getting better over time. I do have very pale skin and I don't tan so I'm sure this doesn't help. I also have one particularly bad spot on the front of my thigh looked like a permanent bruise the size of 10c coin, it was really odd. It's been 9 months since they were done, and it has only started getting better in the last couple of months. I plan on having both thighs fully covered eventually so I'm not too bothered. My best advice is to give it time and stop looking at it. You will drive yourself crazy. Also, as others have said, put the energy into planning another tattoo.
  2. Congrats @LizBee, that is a gorgeous tattoo. I adore the colours in the peony.
  3. @soraya it's just baby steps, keep on keeping on and you'll get there and wonder what all the fuss was about ☺
  4. I don't dress to show off my tattoos on purpose, it just happens that I usually wear sleeveless dresses and tanks in summer as I don't like the feeling of my arms being restricted by sleeves. I will wear a thin cardi with sleeves though if I know I'll be out in the sun for a period of time as I hate to feel my skin burn. Initially it was a huge step to leave the house with visible tattoos as I'm not someone who likes a lot of attention, however over time it became easier when I realised it wasn't as big a deal as I was thinking it was. And compliments from strangers certainly didn't hurt either. My experiences at the gym lately have been interesting now that its warm enough to wear tank tops. I've had a couple of guys approach me and ask if I watch (insert whatever tattoo show here) which I don't mind too much as long as they are respectful and not interrupting me mid-set. I don't watch any of them so my answer is usually "nah" and that's that. I've also been asked to spot guys (big muscly guys with no tattoos) when there are other guys in the gym, so not quite sure the reason on that one. Maybe tattoos make you look stronger, ha! I had a really great experience about a month ago, I went to a 3 day Hot Rod and Classic Car festival called Chopped in which we camped onsite for 2 nights with around 10,000 other people. I have never been in one place with so many tattooed people and have never felt so at home in my life. There was every kind of tattoo you could imagine on display, no one cared, no one stared, it was the most free I have felt and it was awesome. - - - Updated - - - @The Tig that's a really good point. I know that part of my reason for wanting to be tattooed stemmed from a lack of feeling comfortable with my body. I started with my thighs and realised not only did my new tattoos look awesome, but they do other amazing things like cover cellulite. :D I then moved onto my right arm because it was covered from shoulder to hand with broken capillaries and I was very self conscious of them. They are still visable on my hand, but it's not such a big deal for me anymore.
  5. We completed my arm last month (last pics I promise). Added a dark grey wash background and a few more floating petals, coloured in the sun, went over my elbow again and some minor touch ups. The sun needs a couple of touch ups, will do these next year when I am back in with Clare to continue with my other arm.
  6. @SeeSea I love your little Molly Monmon! That was quite a tender spot for me too. Ouch.
  7. Thanks @SeeSea, I'm really pleased at how it has all come together so far.
  8. Added a Kea and peony to my arm over the last few months. Have another session next month for background shading and hopefully it'll be complete. Artist Clare Hampshire.
  9. I have a couple of beautiful elbow length thin knit cardi's which I sadly can't wear as work attire anymore due to lower arm tattoos. But I agree with everyone who has mentioned the half and 3/4 sleeve tops around at the moment, they are really flattering and perfect for upper arm coverage. I also second the shawl suggestion. There is a young lady in my team who rocks a shawl at work (not for covering tattoos) and it looks great.
  10. Thanks @sophistre and @SeeSea. We have been engaged for coming up 6 years so I thought it was time to get my arse into gear and make it happen. ha! I don't like to have my tattoos showing at work either and stick to long sleeve shirts and blouses year round. Also helps to keep the sun off them when I walk home in summer. I do love a cap sleeve dress, have you checked out modcloth? Cute Cap-Sleeve Dresses | ModCloth
  11. @sophistre Good timing on this question, this same topic came up in the Your overall look as a tatooed person thread. I did stress over clashing prints and colours, but kept wearing them anyway as couldn't afford to replace my wardrobe and realised it wasn't actually such a big deal. I can honestly say that I don't dress to match my tattoos and it's nice to just chuck on what makes me feel good and not be stressing. Example: I'm getting married in March and even though I know a white dress would make my arms really pop, I've opted for a very non-traditional floral dress and there will no doubt be lots of clashing. But I don't care, I love the dress and that to me is more important than being matchy matchy with my skin. :-)
  12. I have pretty much every colour on my arms, including a big bright orange fox down the length of my outer forearm surrounded by many coloured fruits. I was quite worried that my clothes would clash with my arms as my wardrobe consists mainly of prints and florals in purple, pink and green, and I don't have any orange clothing at all, infact I hate the colour (except for my tattoo of course) ;-) I thought I was going to have to buy a lot of pieces in black and white and started to stress myself out. In the end, I just kept wearing my printed pieces as they are too beautiful not to, and over summer just gone I lost count of the number of people who came up to me to comment how much they loved my tattoos while I was out and about. Not one person said to me that they didn't match my clothes. Infact, last weekend at dinner the waitress commented that my tattoos matched my top, which I had not planned at all. Just wear what you want and what makes you feel good. You could always try wearing a print that doesn't match and see how you get on. You might be surprised.
  13. What a kick in the guts @beez. Really sorry to hear you have had such a shock response from someone who is meant to be very special to you. It is a very odd thing to say though. Perhaps he is worried about being forever cast in the shadow of your spotlight when you are 80+ years old and everyone wants to talk to you about your amazing tattoos from "back in the day". :D
  14. If I can get through two days in a row on the thighs I'm sure you can too! I find I get really cold with my legs exposed and the second day I started shaking about 2 hours in and we had to turn the a/c off. So make sure you have extra clothing to stay warm, but you probably already know this from your previous back to back sessions. Stay positive and you will be fine.
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