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    Started as an amprentice at House of Pain Oslo (west). A big thanks for everything Peter (RIP). Did two years there before I started my own shop in my hometown, Halden. Been tattooing ever since. I have a 100 sqft studio where I work alone. I have been tattoing for eight years and still going strong.
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    Halden Norway
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    Kickin it with the band and making british ratbikes. Noting is like wind in the beard on a sunny day
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    Tattoo Artist

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  1. I believe its only the second year this convention and already have a great review. To bad you couldnt make it, maybe on another pathcrossing! Cheers
  2. Will be attending the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena 27th till 29th of jan. My first convention in the US. Would be awsome to hook up with other artists! Facebook.com/atlearnesen Instagram: atlearnesen Snapchat: sd_tattoo www.sdtattoo.no Cheers
  3. Hi, me and my gf bought some tickets to Las Vegas to attend to the Mario Barths TBTSOE, but it was cancelled and moved to next year. However, we are going to Vegas anyway so I was wondering if anybody know about some great artists who does dotwork (technical blackwork) in that area? We will be in town from 21th of sep to 3rd of oct. If not, we are up for some cold ones.
  4. Far east Norway. As well known we have some brutal winters, so the "bikeseason" is quite fragile because of unstable weather and short summerseason. So whenever there is time I take a swing on my 1955 Triumph.
  5. Hi, I was looking forward to attending the Mario Barths tattoo convention in Vegas this year, but it was cancelled. Already got the flight tickets for me and my girlfriend. So taking the trip anyway and having a blast. However, looking to hook up with some tattooers to hang out with and maybe get some ink done. We arrive 20th sep and leaving 3th oct so if someone want to hook up or can recommend a great shop, send me an pm here or mail me at atle@sdtattoo.no I have a tattoostudio in norway so it wil be possible for some overseas work in the future. Looking forward to the trip. Atle
  6. Hi, a couple of years ago there was a bad trend washing over Norway regarding apprentices only used as shopkeepers. They where promised a good apprenticeship but ended up cleaning and keeping the shop up running without learning anything about the art of tattoo. After a couple of years they bail out and buy their own equipment to start at home. That trend seems to fade out now, but as mentioned here, we do need them to keep the art alive.
  7. Hi there. Tattooartist from Norway. Been tattooing for 8 years and owner of the studio Social Division Tattoo in Halden. We have a rather small tattoocommunity in Norway, so I am seeking outside the borders for inspiration and new contacts. Hope I can contribute here at LST.
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