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  1. what's your tought about using them? i used it a couple of tims when it was about time to color the tattoos on my ribs.
  2. when i was 5 i used to go to this swimming pool where the life guard had an eagle tattooed on the shoulder. since then i have always wanted a tattoo.then growing up and listening to punk rock and hardcore,well that helped also
  3. 1st session done. very happy with it. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=222233284460032&set=a.221327531217274.73809.100000200868419&type=1&theater
  4. saw a guy at milan tattoo convention few years back that goy the back tattooed in 1 session by filip leu and another guy whose name i don't remember. he was shaking from the pain. honestly i don't think i would be able to do such a thing,unless i would use lidocaine cream
  5. i was wondering if he got punched in the eye because after seeing his knuckle tattoos someone tried to let him see the stars
  6. Facebook the Fudo design at the end of the gallery(sorry but i suck with technology)
  7. yes,like horiyoshi III. lines with machine and colors tebori. will keep it with few colors so probably black,red and a color for the clothing.
  8. it's gonna be Fudo-myo.it'll be done by Lupo Horiokami from vicenza,a guy specialized in traditional japanese.will be till butt cheeks. this is the design Login | Facebook
  9. gonna start my baCKPIECE this saturday.looking forward to it!!!
  10. got 3 H2O tattoos:swallows holding banner with EVERREADY in it,dices with ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE and the first H2O logo as the water drop and a MADBALL ball from HOLD IT DOWN altough i prefer SET IT OFF as album and logo. perhaps i'll get one day the bad brains banned in DC design but with the milan's Duomo(cathedral) instead of the white house,or PMA (altough it's not exactly from the brains but from Napoleon Hill)
  11. btw you're from dublin.do you know a shop called inkshot tattoo? should be in wicklow i think.from a dear friend of mine
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