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    I'm an old soul with a young heart. I appreciate beauty and try to find it even in the most mundane. I treasure my friends and family. I love reading, photography, art, intelligent conversation and good food. I feel that it is our ability for empathy and tolerance that makes us human - maintaining respect and honesty in our day to day interactions is the key to a happy life.
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    Manchester, UK
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    Art, Photography, Design, Books, Exercising, Body Piercing, Tattoos, Wine, Food
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    I work for a charity
  1. Thank you Mush, SeeSea and pidjones - am so very happy with it! - it is amazing how it becomes a part of you very quickly :) Unfortunately, as it is on my back I don't see it myself most the time but it is always a nice surprise when someone says something appreciative about it - the tattoo feels so 'me' I almost forget it is there (so when some stranger or other comments about it it is almost like it makes me jump up and go 'oh, yeah...') ;) It is addictive though, isn't it? I am already planning my next one but will give it plenty of time - I want to let this settle a bit, give the next one
  2. Here's an update on my back piece - love it :-) xccx
  3. Danny Rossiter, at Rain City Tattoo (Manchester - UK)
  4. In the end, you have to go by what feels right to you - and you know it when you see it :-) xccx P.S.Thank you for the kind words :-)
  5. xcatcatx

    Phoenix July 14

    10h in and still in progress! Design and needlework by Mr Rossiter of the Rain City fame (Manchester).
  6. Hey Kinglambert, As Graeme said, I'm getting my back piece done by Danny Rossiter at Rain City. He's been absolutely brilliant, a really sound guy with a super steady hand and a great eye for detail. As this is my first tattoo, I must admit I was a little bit nervous about it so needed to feel confident and comfortable from the start - and I'm a worrier! - Danny was so laid back and cool about it all it was clear from the start that was the guy to take it on. His work speaks for itself so nothing much more to say really... :p To be honest, everyone at Rain City are rather lovely! xccx P.S.
  7. Just to clarify... :-) I got the tattoo started in March, unfortunately, as I live abroad, I can only get home to see my family about twice a year, and as it stood at the time of my previous post on Last Sparrow, my dad had not yet seen it. As it is my first tattoo and I chose to go big and bold with it I was just a bit worried as to how he would take it. I did put a photo of the design on my FB and he had a rather emotional reaction to it, asking me not to do it. I did tell him I respected his opinion, but I had to do what felt right to me. Hence my worry. I am now at my home country and
  8. Thank you very much for your kind words :) Am very proud to be wearing this! Danny has done an ace job - and I can't wait to see the final product!!! Now just need to win my dad over (he does not live in the UK, travelling home tomorrow for a 3 week holiday, the grand unveiling is imminent!) :cool: Wish me luck! xccx
  9. Hi all Thought I'd give you a little update on the phoenix tattoo that is slowly (but surely!) taking shape on my back. It is very much a personal celebration of triumph over adversity (when you lose everything that is familiar to you, you almost experience a rebirth of sorts, I find). We have all gone through tough times and these experiences usually give us a chance to learn lessons about ourselves and our reactions, re-awakening our ability to grow. The phoenix to me is a symbol of strength, resurrection and survival, and now a permanent reminder that I am stronger than I think :-) It is m
  10. I have always loved mythology and mythological creatures. I feel that even as adults, we should always try to keep our ability to dream and use our imagination. I wanted a phoenix for personal reasons. As it symbolizes resurrection and strength, I found it to be the best image to celebrate getting through the tough times I have had in my life. It will also serve as a constant reminder that I have the power to conquer any hardship life throws at me, whatever lies ahead. I am reborn through my experience, through both the good and the bad, and the phoenix will remind me to learn from (and be a
  11. Congratulations - it's a beautiful piece of art!!! I've got a week and a day to go till the needle goes in - getting very excited :-) xccx
  12. Hi all So I've been looking at a whole lot of stuff and wanted to share some of it with you. I am still to see my tattoo design - it's not been drawn up yet - but I have sent a lot of references over to the artist, in the hopes they will give him an overview of my thought process. Here's the link to my tattoo inspiration board: Tattoo inspiration! | Pinterest Let me know what you think! xccx
  13. I know Bexter, time is exceptionally slow to those who wait! Please do put photos up when you're done - I shall do the same! It's my first tattoo too (and I'm 32) so it is all a very new experience for me. Exciting stuff! :-) xccx
  14. Hey CultExciter - nice to meet you! I am very new to all this so please don't take my word for it - I think the biggest reason I'm going for black and gray is because I like it - at least from what I have seen on people. I am hoping that my tattooist will chip in with his thoughts about maximising his design when I go see him a few days before Tattoo Day - I'll trust his opinions as he's the professional out of the two of us :-p That said, if the worst thing should happen (that I don't like the way it looks for some reason), we can always adjust it before we move onto my skin. I really hope th
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