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  1. @Cork Thanks man! Im really happy with how its all coming together. You know, its funny, I read a lot of posts about it being bittersweet when a back piece is finishing up, but for me, I can't wait for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, I love the experience, the talks and hanging out at the shop, but lately my pain tolerance has been damn near zero. I feel like I've been sitting horribly. Its not like I'm tired, we were going every 6 weeks and they haven't been marathon sits, only like 4 hours or so. I can't explain it, it sucks right now getting tattooed. Haha. Hasn't stopped me from thinking about my next piece though...
  2. So here's a long overdue update on my back. its coming along...Unfortunatley life gets in the way and I wont be back for more work until mid November and I'll have to book some more appointments soon for december and into the new year. I was really hoping ot get to Montreal for some more work and check out the convention scene but Im in a wedding that weekend so it'll have to wait for next year. anyways, done by Scott Duncan at Sugar Shack Tattoo in Kincardine ON. He's one hell of a guy, and I love going there
  3. When I was playing hockey in my teens, we always had this huge rivalry against another small town, it always ended up in huge brawls, like always. One of these brawls I ended up wrestling another player to the ice and while the fighting was ending I ended up getting kicked in the back of the head without my helmet on. I was instantly knocked out for about 5 minutes but when I woke up I proceeded to skate to the biggest guy on their team and try to fight him. Passed out again and took a good beating. Was in the hospital for a few days major concussion. A couple weeks later my buddys dad started calling me Mush because thats what my brain was, and I kept getting concussions and hospital visits because I didn't want to stop playing. The name stuck and Ive been Mush or mushy for the better part of 14 years now.
  4. @BrianH great start man! Looks fantastic cant wait to watch this one progress. how much did you love the lines near the armpit and love handle area? haha
  5. Thanks @DeathB4Decaf saw your progress from Sunday, you're catching up! Looks awesome!!
  6. hey friends! Short little session on Saturday with Scott at Sugar shack, I was feeling quite sick so we only did a bit, background down the left side and gave the tiger some stripes. Really wished I could have gone longer. Since finishing I havent been able eat much without puking. Its been a shitty couple days. Really hope to have a good long session next time, hopefully finish background down the ass and thighs.
  7. I just bought a new house. Bit of a downsize from current home but I dontt need all that space. About 10 minutes from where I am now in a super small town, bigger lot, no back yard neighbours and cheaper taxes. Just need to sell my current home now... fun
  8. @SeeSea Thats Fantastic!! Looks incredible! you have my vote for a tshirt for sure!
  9. Stellar stuff @SeeSea way to hang in there, I'll keep you in mind as I progress
  10. You're going to be fine. Just leaking plasma and blood. In the morning remove the clingwrap and wash thoroughly, all will be right in world.
  11. you're a wild man, I HATE lines, its the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I would take 6 hours of shading over 20 minutes of lines anyday. My hat is off to you, sir.
  12. @DeathB4Decaf so nice to finally see it on skin. Looks so fucking cool. I love it! As for the shop I usually leave with my notes page full of bands and songs I need to download. Scott is one cool cat. Can't get enough of that dude.
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