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  1. Thanks @Texkota. LST has been a big help in figuring out how to approach the process. And @Joe Shit hooked me up with the recommendation to go to see Pepper. And that picture sucks plus I cropped it so tight you cant see that it goes from the top of my shoulder to about even with the bend in my arm. It's pretty big. And obviously the detail is far better than the picture shows. Gonna get some better pictures. Thanks again. No itching yet. Hurts like a sunburn today.
  2. The wait is over. I finally got my first tattoo. At 46, it seems a bit odd but for the last several months, I have wanted to do this as much as anything. So I did some research and decided on Pepper at No Hard Feelings Tattoo in Coral Springs, FL. She does absolutely beautiful work and super easy to work with. The consultation was perfect. She caught on to what I was trying to tell her right away and her drawing was exactly what I told her I wanted. I got the tattoo last night. It took about 4 hours and it was great. Pepper is really pleasant and easy to get along with. I cant say enough nice things about her and the experience. My tattoo isnt for everyone but it is definitely for me. Check it out.
  3. Some people think it is crazy to spend top dollar for a tattoo when it can be had for a much better price. Just the same as there are those who buy inexpensive cars because they think it is crazy to spend the money for a new, loaded car just to drive to work. Others prefer new, higher end vehicles. Neither is wrong. Everyone has a different idea of what they want from a car, just like everyone has a different idea of what they want from a tattoo. Neither is wrong so I certainly dont think it is up to me to tell someone I dont like what they have. I was invited to this forum by a friend because he knows I would be in the camp of finding someone who does nice work. I have friends with simple kanji and they love it. I have another friend who has maybe 5 tattoos and none of them has been done in a shop. All were kitchen table, guitar string type deals. He loves them all but to me, some are not very attractive. I personally think it would be quite arrogant and pompous for me to judge such a thing anyway. Who am I? I think if someone gets a tattoo and it is important to them and they love it, I love it too. By the way, I am getting my first tattoo on Friday so you fuckers better all say you love it!!!
  4. That's what I was thinking. Cant be enough business there to be going though all that trouble.
  5. Yeah, it is pretty common for cities to have codes that limit or restrict certain types of businesses. I think it is a stretch to argue that they are restricting free speech though. I know of several towns around here that wont allow the boobie bars so most are located in the unincorporated County. Some cities allow them. I know there are no tattoo shops and I'm pretty sure there are no pawn shops in our city limits and I am sure that is a code situation. People can always ask for a variance but it doesnt mean they will get it. I dont think we have anything that limits anything close to a church but we definitely have laws about certain businesses near schools and stiffer penalties for certain crimes committed within a certain distance from a school. I guess if a church runs a school it would apply to them as well.
  6. That or something on her neck!!! Or if she is afraid of what the family might think, maybe your handprint on her ass so they wont see it.
  7. I had a consultation with my artist this weekend and have to wait three weeks now to get the tattoo and it's killing me. Of course, it is my first so I have no idea about the pain. I have a feeling these weeks are going to crawl.
  8. On the suggestion by @Joe Shit, I went to No Hard Feelings Tattoo shop and met with Pepper. I was very impressed with her and in 3 incredibly long weeks, she will be doing my tattoo. Class place and class artist.
  9. Cool. I just made my appointment and the artist didnt have an issue with it either. I am super excited.
  10. Thanks @jade1955. I was hoping it wouldnt be a great big deal. I can stop taking it for a while with no worries. It is more a precaution than anything. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt going to be a major problem. I actually think I have an easier time seeing my own blood than someone else's.
  11. Ok, I have a spelling problem. Please dont hold it against me.
  12. Ok, so last year, my doctor told me it would be a good idea to take the low dose baby aspirin every day. I guess I had a very minor blockage but they thought I should do it anyway. So is it ok to continue taking it or do I need to stop before I get a tattoo? It tends to thin the blood a bit. Not like an actual blood thinner but it does thin it some. So for the tattooers or anyone who may know, do I quit them for a while or is it no big deal?
  13. I'm with you on the early stuff. That is what was in my house when I was young. We had a friend who actually did some recording in a studio he built in his house. Some lesser known acts would come record there. I just loved it. I guess I identify with that era mostly because it reminds me of my folks so much. I can still picture riding to church in the Impala hoping dad would pop the Johnny Cash 8 track in. Ring of Fire. I'll still take modern country over most other modern music. I'm not even sure what rock is supposed to be any more.
  14. I'm kind of an old fart so sometimes my patience for the "kids" is low. I guess it's like my parents hating my music. Though I do see a difference between guys like him and the guys of his dad's generation. They had outlaw reputations but stayed mainstream enough to be the "pop country" of the time in that they were and still are very popular. I dont have any issues with people liking what they like though.
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