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  1. Just put a big fucking blob of vasoline on it. hehehe What I have done in the past in similiar situations is put a thick layer of lotion on it. I know you're not icing a fucking cake but this seems to help me when I'm in a situation where I can't "lube up" every few hours.
  2. Never stop training!!! When I fuck up and give up my neck, I just tap. That's in training of course, tournament or on the street I'm not fucking tapping. In training I tap a lot, if the guy I'm rolling with get's the hold, I tap then start again. I've been injury free for the last 6 months.
  3. I'm really digging Virtue Tattoo in Houston, TX right now, great set up, great art, great artists. Owned by Lana Gooding previously of Taylor Street Tattoo in Chicago. I had a Sailor Jerry Eagle done at virtue a couple of months ago, going to get a panther head and an anchor there in January. If you are in Houston check it out.
  4. @Johnny Awesome first tattoo, looks great....DONT scratch it!!
  5. Love the WillRise Store Front, that fucking rocks. I just started collecting Flash Sheets so the Tattoo Peter shot is killing me, the sun's going to destroy the flash in the window...bahh maybe I will start up a Flash Rescue group hehehe.
  6. I went twenty years, then this year I've gone crazy. Seven since June, one being a full sleeve (still working on it). Next appointment - this Sunday.
  7. I went in to get some work done by Lana but she was out on maternity leave. Next time I make it up to Houston I'm gonna have her hook me up with a traditional anchor on my calf.
  8. Hey Kev, if you're ever in Houston go check out Virtue Tattoo. They have a ton of original Malone flash. What a freaking awesome shop!!!
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