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Scott and Lochlan equals Last Sparrow Tattoo



Scott Sylvia and Lochlan McHale first met about eight years ago through mutual friends in the Bay Area Punk/Hardcore scene. Over the years and many of hecklings their friendship materialized into what it is today. Scott has tattooed Lochlan on several occasions and Lochlan has assisted Scott building tattoo machines and mixing pigment in his down time. They have traveled to various locations always heckling and having a good time. In the process of the hecklings and nonsense while working and hanging out Last Sparrow Tattoo was born.

Last Sparrow Tattoo is the latest and greatest venture by worldwide tattoo legend Scott Sylvia and jack of many trades Lochlan McHale. It is scheduled to launch Early Fall 2010, uniting potential tattoo collectors to the long time tattooers and shops and everyone in between. It will be a morphed version of various social media outlets with craigslist flavorful options and social forums for any and all levels of tattoo enthusiasts!

We hope you enjoy your visit and turn your visit into a stay with us!?!

Below are brief bios for Scott and Lochlan if it helps you any:

Scott Sylvia first started tattooing as a teenager in Monterey, CA before moving to Sacramento, CA and later ending up in the Bay Area. Scott’s first shop he opened was American Graffiti in Sacramento with friend and fellow tattooer Eric Hogan. Scott later worked at Eddy Deutsche’s 222 Tattoo and Freddy Corbin’s Temple Tattoo before opening, co-owning and tattooing at Blackheart Tattoo in San Francisco with Tim Lehi (owner), Jeff Rasier (owner), Juan Puente, Cody Miller, and Nick Rodin. He also travels to and is featured at various conventions around the world often times working at friends local shops before and/or after the conventions.

Scott is known as not only one of the hardest working men in the world of tattooing but also an innovator of what some call the “American Power’ style of tattooing which is a modern twist on the “Classic American” style. When not tattooing he is building and creating tattoo machines, motorcycles, cars, art (shows, clothing, flash, band images, etc), and much much more. He also manages to balance a life with his wife and their two adorable kids.

Lochlan McHale first began getting professionally tattooed about thirteen years ago though a fan of tattoos since a young kid. As a young boy he would draw on his limbs while in class hoping to one day gather tattoos. In his early teens he and some friends would give themselves tattoos with a needle and pen ink awaiting the opportunity to get ones that would stay (the needle and ink ones fell out or eventually faded). As a young boy he wanted a Marvin the Martian tattoo for his first one though he out grew that desire and when he was eighteen got his first tattoo in San Francisco after one of his childhood friends passed away and has continued to collect tattoos. He has been tattooed by Scott Sylvia, Freddy Corbin, Tim Lehi, Nick Rodin, Cody Miller, Zach Johnson, Nate Leinfelder, and more that he can’t exactly remember.

Lochlan has worked in various genres including skateboarding, surfing, art, music, marketing, and psychology/counseling (youth & “at-risk youth”). He currently owns his own consultation company (www.lochlanmchale.com) that gathers his diverse work experience under one roof and one title as well as currently attending grad school for psychology. He works to travel and travels to work bringing his art/tattoos with him that most hang on the walls of their homes.

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I can remember if i read this before, but i think its so awesome to know how the site came to be. I love getting to know people better by reading their stories! What a genius idea this site was. im really enjoying everything about it!

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