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Lochlan and the Three Questions




One of the many things I'll be doing with my blog is interviews with friends who tattoo and/or who are musicians who get tattooed with the following three questions:

1) The who, what, when, where, and why of your first tattoo? Picture?

2) The who, what, when, where, and why of your latest tattoo? Picture?

3) The last band, album, and song you listened to?

So to kick it off I'll take a swing at it:

1) The who, what, when, where, and why of your first tattoo? Picture?

Who= Tom Prosche

What= An aries sign with an "In Loving Memory", my last name, an insignia for my siblings,

some fire and a flower band. Wow, thinking back now that's a lot of nonsense in one

tattoo I tried.

When= Thirteen years ago or so

Where= Upper left arm

Why= A childhood friend passed away hence the "In Loving Memory" but all the other stuff was

just thrown in for fucks sake, haha.

2) The who, what, when, where, and why of your latest tattoo? Picture?

Who= Scott Sylvia

What= Scott Sylvia's creation based off of "What do you want?" and my response of "Darker Dia

De Los Muertos" whole leg tattoo to cover my "lady legs" as Dari Sylvia would call them.

When= Work in progress

Where= Whole left leg

Why= Because I only wanted one "lady leg".

3) The last band, album, and song you listened to?

A mix I made on shuffle of various Bay Area punk bands.




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Ok I'll play, Loch.

First- It was some random dude, 20 years ago, a chinese character for Strength on my hip. A year later I put some lame tribal looking sun around it. It was '91 so don't judge. Luckily I had the good sense to have Jef Whitehead cover it with a lovely peony 10 or so years ago. MUUUCH better.

Last- Tim Lehi, 3 or 4 years ago, Tigers on my calves. They rule. People still think they are brand spanking new because Tim is pretty much amazing.

My man's been obsessed with Black Metal so I would guess the last thing I heard was some song by Burzum.

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Good evening and thanks Wendy for visiting, commenting, and contributing.

I am not one to judge others for their tattoos (I try not to) as I think it is part of the process if someone happens to get more than one tattoo. Each experience you learn from, like life. As some have said I have more faded, shakey lined tattoos than someone who's been locked up their whole life.

Lastly, I must say those tigers on your legs do look like Lehi just did them! It is funny because every time I see you those two tattoos really standout.

Thanks again and until next time....have a good evening!


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Lochlan you do come up with great topics and little games lol!! Here's my list.

1) First tattoo.

Who: I forget the artists name now.

What: It was a genie.

When: About 13 years ago

Where: It "was" on my forearm. (Keep reading it will make sense).

Why: Because it suited me at that time.

2) Latest tattoo.

Who: Shawn Rouleau, at Ink Tattoo Studio.

What: Its a sleeve of some different wildlife with an Asian feeling to it.

When: Currently ongoing.

Where: Its on my left arm.

Why: Well it started with my first tattoo of the genie. It was not done well and I was never told about how the sun and especially chlorine from a pool (I was swimming a lot back then) would fade the tattoo out. So back in 2007 I had a cover up done on the genie and thus started the sleeve.

3) Last song listened to.

Well I would have to say that it was. . . let me look on my ipod lol. . .Supersonic by Oasis.

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1) first tattoo.

who: some scary-hairy biker dude in greeley, colorado.

what: a teeny tiny turtle (possibly /probably holding a flower, i really can't remember now).

when: 16 years ago.

where: upper left arm.

why: what's not to like about turtles?

(jesse tuesday covered it with an amazing hibiscus / tropical flower piece bearing my daughter's name).

2) latest tattoo.

who: freddy corbin

what: the words 'honesty' and 'loyalty'.

when: a while ago...i have no idea.

where: inside wrists.

why: it's my list of demands.

3) last song listened to.

bad vibrations by the black angels

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