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Mel AKA Melvicious and The Three Questions

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This installment of the Three Questions is my homegirl Mel AKA Melvicious who some may recognize/know from various books, magazines, cds, and/or just your local tattoo and music scenes. Her and I met about seven years ago (I'm a terrible historian with dates) in helLA through mutual friends.

We, Rumblers Car Club, all ventured there for the Los Angeles chapters first car show in Echo Park. It was a weekend of debauchery with smiles and lots of driving. The Bay Area chapter drove down I-Five in our hotrods and customs, so with us and the LA chapter we served as drivers for all the other members who flew in from various states and countries. The pre-show was in Long Beach and the actual show was in Echo Park as mentioned above so it was lots of LA driving (driving hotrods and customs is my biggest love to having them though so it was all good). This is where it gets foggy on when and where we actually met as there was very little sleep, lots of Rockstar energy drinks, debauchery, and events many of us still laugh about and some maybe traumatized from, haha. Anywho, I do remember her hanging out with us in Echo Park at some Latino dive bar near our hotel laughing the night away holding her own. Basically since that night her and I have remained friends and when I’m in helLA or if she’s up this way we meet up cause she is that much fun.

I got the opportunity one year to goto her employee holiday party for Volcom on some boat which led to a night full of laughs which always seems to be the trend when hanging with her. What I am getting at is every time I meet up with her I enjoy myself as she is a standup no bullshit kind of woman. I am thrilled to call her a friend!

Mel thanks for taking the time to do the Three Questions with us! Below are some ways you can support her and her friend’s projects:

Mel's Twitter

Joe Capobianco book "What's not ta like" with Mel being a muse.

Some of Joe’s other books on Amazon

Joe Capobianco art of Mel

Here we go, hope you enjoy.....

1) The who, what, when, where, and why of your first tattoo? Picture?

My first tattoo, wash when I was 14 and was a tribal ankle band (original, I know), done by a friend with a needle and ink. Luckily, I have no photo of it, it’s been covered up by Joe Capobianco

2) The who, what, when, where, and why of your latest tattoo? Picture?

My last tattoo, Trashville (Hank III said it best), over Thanksgiving in Nashville, TN at Black 13 by Josh Woods.

3) The last band, album, and song you listened to?

Screeching Weasel, My Brain Hurts (Last song to pop up on Pandora Station).

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