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Ross Nagle (Allstar Ink in Limerick, Ireland) and The Three Questions



For this round of The Three Questions I decided to turn to Ross Nagle whose tattoos I was introduced to via this forum when we started it. I was quickly impressed and it has turned into some email dialogues with him who I hope to meet and get tattooed by when we are in the same city hopefully sooner than later. Ross joined LST early in our launch and has been active since which is even more awesome because we get to see his new tattoos and hear from him often.

Beyond his activity on the tattoo forums and tattoo blogs I regularly check his blog alongside several other tattooers and shops. I enjoy all his tattoos but really am drawn to his religious tattoos especially the black and grey ones with minimal if any color which in turn makes the blood on a jesus or crown of thorns or what-have-yous really stand out. The other cool thing about his shop and blog is that they regularly have some damn good tattooers guest spotting at their shop which they write about and post tattoo pictures of their tattoos while visiting. I strongly encourage you to get tattooed by Ross either at his shop Allstar Ink in Limerick Ireland and/or hit him up at a convention as he seems to be at many of the European ones. Below the three questions are someways you can checkout his tattoos.

With that I give you The Three Questions and Ross Nagle (sorry no pictures of his personal tattoos were obtainable)......

(1) The who, what, when, where, and why of your first tattoo? Picture?

The first tattoo i ever got was a reaper holding two swords with webs hanging from everywhere done by a friend of mine who was tattooing at the shop i actually started my apprenticeship at in '99. That would have been done here in Limerick,Ireland back in '95/'96ish.Haha, it was awful and has been covered since!!

(2) The who, what, when, where, and why of your latest tattoo? Picture?

My latest tattoo was done by my good friend Chad Koeplinger. He covered up some shit on my arm with one of his gorilla heads.Who better to do a cover up than Chad!!. It was done here at my shop only last week while he was guesting with us.

(3) The last band, album, and song you listened to?

As i am writing this email i am listening to The Eagles, Witchy Women, The best of the Eagles!!

Ross Nagle LST Page

Ross Nagle Blog

Allstar Ink Twitter

Ross Nagle Facebook


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