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Shop re open ideas

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I had a shop fire DEC 19th and lost everything , i have rebuilt the lot and we're almost ready to open.

Now im trying to think of a cool idea for the re open to grab public attention.

If any one has any thing up there sleeves post here.

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There are several great books available on Public Relations "Gureilla marketing" is one. and a second one-- I think it's called "my elephant has a pink TuTu"

There are more than likely many new books on the subject. They discuss every level of PR from customer service to putting together conventions.

You can actually hire PR firms for short contracts to place you in NEws papers radio and tv for a fee. There are also companies that can track how many times your comnpany shows up in the Press. They list every time you name is mentioned online as well.

The local universities often have PR classes in the adult schools for small businessmen. One thing for sure is to have a budget in mind thyen a seriously well thought out plan getting all your info together such as printed material like brochures etc. Don't for a minute think tattoo shops don't need such things to make it. Yopu can do the simple things like hire a local celebrity who has a charitable cause they work for and double whammy the money as a fund raiser and bring in people for autographs. Or Sponser a local Emergency squad or other local civic minded stuff never usually associated with tattooing. Always go for the strange bedfellows if you catch my drift.

do a soft opening and get things up and running then plan for a major opening event some months later in the summer when peple are out in the streets and looking for something to do.

Well I hope that helps. I can tell you what not to do DO NOT send out announcements to NEwspapers that you are opening a new tattoo business. No one effin cares...


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Sorry to hear about your trouble but glad to hear that you are reopening.

When we opened , just a little over 2 years ago--- we had an open house and put an invitation on line and in our small town paper.

We gave out prizes/ gift certificates each hour through a drawing---mostly $100-- one $250-.

Our old customers were excited and we got a lot of new customers.

People just enjoyed coming in to a shop and being greeted warmly --- they liked the festive atmosphere and free food.

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Hi Louis,

so sorry to hear about the fire.

One of our members opened a new shop and they do BBQ's to build a community feel.

Have also heard of people doing discounted tattoos, like $50 for any names or initials or something.

Good luck and please post on our calendar when your re-opening is scheduled so we can send some good vibes your way!

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