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Upcoming Tattoo, Travel to Milwaukee



I am very excited this morning as yesterday I got the first appointment set up for my left arm sleeve. I think I am going to use this blog to kind of document the whole thing. I had to move to Florida kind of unexpectedly a few years ago from my native Wisconsin and considering that my artist/shop of choice is Jon @ Solid State Tattoo I am going to be traveling back and forth between Florida and Milwaukee until the piece is finished. I have never traveled very far to get worked on before so this should be an experience I guess. The good thing is I can finally put all of my flyer miles accumulated through my job to good use :).

I will add some pictures and stuff once the whole thing gets under way.... up until then I just have to be patient.


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I want to travel to Milwaukee to get a tattoo! I've collected some sizable tattoos while traveling . Its great fun and adds a sense of adventure to the whole process of collecting work. And you are getting work from the coolest shop in one of my favorite places.

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I still get a little homesick in regards to Milwaukee, but hopefully I will be living back up there soon. Florida does have some perks though...Any tips on air travel with a fresh tattoo? The thought makes me a little nervous for some reason.

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