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Getting stuck in a corner at social events



Do you get stuck in the corner at BBQ s when people find out your a tattooist . E.g. dave just said your a tattooist ! Cool I want a tattoo blahh blahhh blahhh my mate dose tattoos blahh blahh look at this one I got blahhh blahhh blahh .....

Or am I the only lucky fucker with people all up in my grill covered with spit lol.

Tell ya stores ............


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You're lucky you're not a chick... I don't even tattoo, and it's the entire spectrum of redundant, and repetitive nonsense, yes they are curious, but at the same time, you are not in the shop, it's not tattoos and bbq... At the same time, I don't want to be that tattooed bitch that ruins one persons opinion of all tattooed people...

so.... hum

When people are trying to crawl up Richard's ass or mine, I just become a turtle, I either act like I didn't hear em, or bury myself in a faux phone call, or if I have my laptop, which I carry a big purse, and usually the computer is under my arm, I just open it up and hand it to them with his website, and give em a little info, and then cut off the business...

If you appease and answer every question, it's a disservice to the self, as you are there to hang out, and relax, and maybe you don't wanna talk shop, however it is a personal service business, and if we aren't at least polite you risk loosing out on a possible client, or pissing a friend off...

Keep answers generic, and be polite, that's what suits me... But I have a high tolerance for dumb... If they really are interested they will come to you another time, as they too are being rude. I am surprised no one else has chimed in... everyone deals with this stuff I would think.

People are so fad driven I can't wait until the current zeitgeist of embracing tattoos for "cool points" somewhat subsides, in the meantime, business cards, and a website suffice, let em come in if they are serious... If not, hey, the BBQ was a tax write off, so bring beverages....

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I'm also surprised that so few have chimed in on this thread. I've seen it happen to my hubby a gazillion times. The worst is when it's at a family BBQ, he has a huge family, and it's often older members of his own family or their good friends who do this too him, or his younger cousins, and it's so very awkward. Maybe that's why so few have commented, it's just so awkward and painful that they've blocked it out?

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some things are just too painful to talk about...my poor husband getting bombarded by my traditional asian family at get togethers is very painful.

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I'm not a tattooer, but I work in a shop and I have visible tattoos.

I write/shoot for a handful of publications in the industry and find myself traveling quite a bit. Most times I enjoy a chance to discuss just about anything, especially at a family gathering because I don't get to see them much and I adore that they 'get' what I'm doing, and love that side of me as well as the other stuff. I end up learning all sorts of cool stuff from them in return and am grateful for the icebreaker.

If I'm in the right frame of mind, I don't mind conversing with the general public. I love the art of conversation and I end up learning some cool things (and sometimes not cool) about people and the world in general... I usually don't have a problem with people talking as long as they don't try to touch me or my tattoos uninvited (that shit gets me real tense).

I do get cornered on occasion when I really would rather not be-- jeans or tampon shopping, date night, or at my kid’s school functions. My boyfriend is a tattooer, and that stuff gets a bit intrusive—especially when every waitress in the sushi joint wants to lift up her shirt to show off her latest rib-stamp or talk about how she likes zombies and blood and boobs. And god help the ones that try to talk to me in the feminine hygiene aisle… just sayin’…. I digress, but mostly, it’s all good.

HOWEVER, the TSA, airport security people need to back the heck off. I've missed several planes because the questions that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I'm a security risk... But still, they're copp-ish enough that I feel like I'm defending the wholesome nature of my business travel by answering thoroughly the question "did that hurt" as they point to their own throats....

I’ve no great replies or answers to this one; I try to stick with one- liners like “they all hurt.” “What tattoo?” and my personal favorite “Does your face hurt?” (though variations of this switch from’ face’ to’ mom’ on occasion)… and try to be as loving and patient as I can at that moment.

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