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Thomas Morgan and Shon Lindauer in Newcastle!

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Mel Noir


Hello there everyone :)

So, I already have a personal blog and I'm way too lazy to start another one properly, but I do like this site so I guess a couple of posts here and there wouldn't go amiss. If you like tattoos (duh), photography, angry rants and pictures of dinosaurs, you can always click here to see my site, I guess.

Booked in another tattoo today, though- very excited. Also, I am very grateful, since I had some money saved at the studio for a deposit and could therefore book in without even leaving my bed- I am unwell this week, so that added bonus was delightful :)

Anyway, I'm telling you this because I think anyone who lives oop north should know that Thomas Morgan and Shon Lindauer are coming to Newcastle Upon Tyne at the end of the month! They may even bring a special guest with them, which is very exciting. The guys still have a couple of spaces left between the 30th and the 14th of July, and I'd advise anyone around to book in while you can.

If you want to book in, you can either speak with Thomas or Shon on Facebook (you can just search for their names, they'll come up) or get in touch with Ian at Inkslingers tattoo studio- go to Inkslingers Tattoo Studio, Newcastle Upon Tyne for contact details.

Oh, and if you do book in- let me know! I'm a nosy cow, haha. I'll post some stuff up once I've had my appointment if anyone is interested- actually, I probably will even if you aren't- writing bollocks comes with the job ;)

Hopefully this doesn't come across as me trying to advertise or anything like that, I do genuinely think this is awesome and people should know, haha. Last time Thomas was here he was a real delight, and did some wonderful work.

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Hey, I really like dinosaurs, you tricked me. (Or maybe I'm just super tired and can't find them?)

But that article on how to piss off tattooed people was pretty awesome, glad I stopped in!

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