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Travel Blog New York. June 2012.



Well here’s my first effort with a travel blog. I originally planned to set up an appointment to get tattooed by Bailey Robinson in October but I couldn’t wait that long. The hotel prices and flights were good and I had some vacation in June so fuck it.

I contacted Bailey again and set up my appointment. Time 12 noon, June 9th on the corner of two streets in Williamsburg. Text me when you get there and I’ll come and get you. All very cloak and dagger, but I can see why.

Now you can’t visit New York without visiting Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn. So I set up an appointment with Eli Quinters for Sunday, my last day. A nice rose with a banner with Brooklyn in it.

So after leaving a tearful wife at terminal 5 Heathrow on Friday June 8th I was on my way to NY JFK. It was a good flight, apart from some arsehole getting his luggage out of the overhead locker while the plane was still climbing with the seat belt signs still on (twats like that deserve to be maced given a damn good thrashing and thrown out of the plane).

We arrived at JFK on time only to wait in a queue for nearly 2 hours, clearing through security. That’s the last thing you need after a 7 hour flight, but hey ho.

Finally I’m on the shuttle to the hotel sharing the ride with 8 or nine people, including a very excitable Australian woman on crutches (she had torn some ligaments in her leg apparently). She shrieked when the Manhattan skyline first came into view and again when you could make out the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings. I’d seen it all before so I refrained from shrieking. I just keep a stiff upper lip and shriek silently.

After a short journey through Queens and across the Brooklyn Bridge (I was dropped off first) we arrive at my hotel in Battery Park. I got a really great deal at this Hotel, The Conrad. So after tipping the driver I was inside the hotel.

After stepping off the hotel escalator I am greeted with the most incredible lobby. The interior design is by Monica Ponce de Leon, and installed by Feature Walters: One of the wall sculptures required 77 tons of aluminium and 16 miles of Vectran cable. I have absolutely no idea who these people are by the way but if one of your names is Ponce it must be good quality shit.


I check in and leave my bag in my room. First task get my bearings and top my phone up, so I could call home and buy a $25 Metro Card from Chambers Street Station. Anyway on the walk back to the hotel I find this food/deli store that is open 24/7. Inside they have an amazing range of craft beers in the cooler. As I perused the beers I spot a beer bottle with a picture of the Coney Island Steeplechase guy and at that moment I knew that was what I wanted Eli Quinters to tattoo on me with the word Brooklyn. ( I had originally asked for a rose and a banner)


So I buy a bottle and a bottle of Arrogant Bastard IPA a turkey, beef and cheese deli roll with Mayo and head back to the hotel. An early night for me tonight. A quick shower and then bed. Big day tomorrow.


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[MENTION=147]gougetheeyes[/MENTION] I've just checked out some of the other label designs. They are something else.

I soaked and peeled off the label from that bottle of lager and brought it home.

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