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Shadowed In A Tourist Town

Miguel Olascuaga


Living in a tourist town has had more disadvantages as an artist, and trying to be noticed. I have lived in the Panhandle of Florida for about 14 years, and having been tattooing for about 8. When you think of tourist towns , you think of terrible chop shops and insane tattoo prices. Well most of this is true, but not entirely. I work at Black Cat Tattoo, in PCB. we have always had a strong crew and put out clean original work. We have tourists who want flash, but we still pretty much draw everything we do. Our shop really pushes forward to try and break the stereotype that has been given to us by shops in bigger cities, even though in bigger cities there are more shops per block and more hacks than you can fit in our small town. I work with really great guys and its a shame to see everybody work so hard at painting and tattooing, only to be swept under the carpet by a false reputation. Myself and the guys I work with all travel and do guest spots, and try to establish respect from shops abroad. I myself am moving in search of new clientele, and some different scenery. I am trying to give my family a little something more, and for my son, a better name in which to follow. I will always love the shop I came from, and will always seek out good artists in those small tourist towns and pay respect were it is due.

Adelante Siempre-

I keep a blog of my travels, tattoos, and paintings. Please stop by and feel free to take a gander!



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You seem kind of bitter about shops in cities, I have worked all over the country in some of the biggest cities around (NY,LA, Miami and more) and have never heard anybody disparage shops in smaller towns. Hell they usually bitch about the proliferation of shops in their own areas and many talk about moving out to the country to escape the rat race. There are lots of amazing artist working in smaller towns all over the country.

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Ive been around as well, big cities and small. I have had many a conversation about the town I live in with many artist abroad. This is what I have based this post about. I am not bitter about shops in bigger cities, I came from Atlanta. You say Panama City Beach, and the conversation gets going... I have worked many places, doing guest spots and this city gets a ton of flack. Adam West is the name that always gets brought up, and when you say you are from here, the term is usually followed, "Wow, I didn't know anything good came from there". I have heard this in just about every city I have done a spot in. Either way this is a great town, my point to this blog was, It's time to move on and get my feet wet in another city where my efforts can be seen easier as an artist, and better provide for my family.

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I remember Adam West having a bad ass Greg Irons sleeve, felt very fortunate to check it out when he came to New Orleans for the conventions in the early 90's.

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