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What does this tattoo simplify?




Well I am planning to get a tattoo and I love this one but I really don't know what it simplifies or means to tell others if they ask me.

Any help please?




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To me, a tattoo (like any piece of art) can symbolize whatever you feel.  It can also symbolize nothing at all, that's up to you.  To me, this tattoo looks like it could represent an intimate relationship, or someone's love of cosplay, or their love of tattoos.  It could represent their parents who have passed away.  It could be characters from a graphic novel that they love. It could simply be an image they really like.  If you want your tattoo to mean something, pick something that means something to you.

I have mandala that represents my three kids, it was designed specifically to mean this.  But when someone else sees it, it can mean whatever a mandala means to them.  And I'm OK with that.  I like my tattoos to mean something to me. I have another tattoo that looks like an elaborate "4" and it represents a whole 30 years of friendship with someone.  YOU get to assign whatever meaning your tattoo has, if any at all.  


At least that's how I feel about it.  :)

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